eLuminate is an easy-to-use legal lead and client management software. Entirely web-based and highly customizable, attorneys and advocates can use eLuminate to manage their leads, cases, documents and firm’s day-to-day activities. Here are just a few of eLuminate's most powerful and valuable features:

We created eLuminate in 2010 as a way for our clients to manage the Social Security disability legal case leads they purchased. Today, eLuminate has hundreds of active users across the country. From Personal Injury to Employment Law, eLuminate can be customized to best suit your firm’s need.

Key Benefits of eLuminate

1. eLuminate is highly customizable.

You can choose what you want to track. Whether it’s when your client first applied for benefits or which stage of the appeal process your client is in, You can edit eLuminate to best suit your firm’s needs. From the age of your Social Security disability leads to the type of vehicle involved in a personal injury claim, eLuminate is not one size fits all: it helps you put your firms’ priorities first.

2. eLuminate is entirely web-based.

eLuminate, is available online, so you don’t need to download any software or have a tech team come in to install the product onto your office’s computers. Any device that has internet connectivity can access eLuminate.

3. eLuminate streamlines the entire process of winning a case.

You can generate customized documents and client retention packets through eLuminate, and even have your clients sign a retainer electronically via echo sign. This significantly reduces the time it takes to sign on a new client, while also eliminating the risk of having important documents get lost in the mail. You can even use a feature called Mass Actions to email dozens of leads or clients at once.

4. eLuminate automatically records notes for you.

Hate sorting through old emails? Whenever you email a lead or a client, whether or not it’s sent directly through the client management system, eLuminate will generate a time-stamped note to record exactly what correspondence occurred.

5. eLuminate can generate reports.

You can use eLuminate’s various reports to analyze the success of your different marketing venues, follow-up techniques, or even your employees’ performance. You can run reports to see how your firm is preforming with leads you receive from us or other parties, or even run reports that display why you aren't signing cases, helping you optimize your own website or potentially modify your lead package. By allowing you to identify ineffective strategies, eLuminate can help boost your firm’s revenue.

6. eLuminate works seamlessly other with other methods of receiving leads.

Whether you get leads from television commercials, billboards, radio advertisements, or other forms of lead generation, eLuminate allows you to easily import the leads you’ve received elsewhere. Keep track of all leads in one place within our web based case management system.

These are just a few of the many benefits of using eLuminate as legal case and lead management software. For more information about how eLuminate can supplement your lead generation services, check out our eLuminate demo video, contact us at 617.800.0089 to schedule a free tutorial, or check out our eLuminate FAQ. Consider checking out our client testimonials if you want to learn about how eLuminate has helped other firms.

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