eLuminate, eGeneration’s lead and case management software, was designed to work seamlessly with any firm receiving legal leads. Any firm will know that not every lead will convert to a new case.

With eLuminate, you can determine why every disqualified lead wasn’t signed. With this information at your fingertips, your firm can take the steps to increase your conversion rates and boost profitability with whatever lead generation service you use.

Disqualifications By Disposition in eLuminate

To evaluate the profitability of your leads, you will need to visit the Performance Reports tab in eLuminate. The view that will show you exactly why you chose not to pursue a case is called “Disqualifications By Disposition.”

There are seven fields you can choose from when marking why you chose not to pursue a Social Security disability lead. They include:

  • Claimant was not disabled enough to qualify
  • Claimant was not seeing a doctor
  • Claimant did not have enough work credits
  • Claimant was already receiving Social Security benefits
  • Claimant does not want legal representation
  • Claimant already has legal representation
  • Claimant will not be out of work for at least 12 months

(Note: These fields are not customizable on the user interface, but if you want another reason for disqualification to be added, Client Services can modify your account to do so).

Finding Inefficiencies With the Disqualifications By Disposition eLuminate Report

The firm from our example has evenly dispersed reasons for disqualification, but your firm may find that you have a disproportionate number of leads disqualified in a specific disposition, such as “Not treating with doctor.” Once you pinpoint an inefficiency in your lead quality, you can take steps to correct the problem. There are a few actions your firm could take to improve your lead quality if you find that your leads haven’t been seeing a doctor.

If you generate leads on your own website, you can improve the language used on your website to stress the importance of seeing a doctor and how a claim is nearly impossible to win without treatment from a medical professional. If you are purchasing Social Security disability leads from eGeneration, you can add a filter to screen out any leads that indicate that they haven’t been seeing a doctor.

The same can be said for most dispositions. If your website is generating many leads who are already on Social Security benefits, you can make it clear on your sign-up form that anyone on Social Security benefits cannot qualify for additional SSDI or SSI benefits. If your firm is generating numerous leads who’ve already spoken with an attorney, you can make it clear that you cannot take any clients who’ve already signed a contract with a Social Security disability attorney.

Screening with eGenerationMarketing’s Social Security Disability Leads

If you purchase Social Security disability leads from eGenerationMarketing, you will have the option to customize your lead package with screening for four qualifying questions. The four qualifiers eGeneration uses include:

  • Whether someone is seeing a doctor
  • Whether or not they’re already on Social Security benefits
  • If they’re already working with an attorney
  • If they expect to be out of work for at least 12 months

We can also screen based on age parameters if you wish. Adding screening to your package will increase your cost per lead, but if your Disqualifications By Disposition report shows one main reason for disqualification, it could be worthwhile to customize your package to save on follow up time.

Disqualifications By Disposition is just one of many reports eLuminate uses to help your firm. If you’d like to see how eLuminate can help your firm increase its profitability, or simply learn more about our Social Security disability lead availability, give us a call today at 617.800.0089.

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