To ensure that our internet marketing initiatives consistently produce a high volume of interested legal case leads (potential clients), eGenerationMarketing’s internet marketing team uses a dynamic mix of pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization to promote some of the highest ranking Social Security Disability (SSD) websites on the internet. We also use the same approach to continually increase our Personal Injury, Employment Law, and Workers' Compensation.

How We Generate Our Exclusive Leads

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Much of the qualified traffic driven to our websites is derived from the efficient use of pay-per-click advertisements, which are commonly known as PPC. Pay-per-click search advertising campaigns focus on keyword-based advertising on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

eGenerationMarketing works with these major search engine companies to place targeted advertisements resulting in queries relevant to Employment Law, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability (SSD), and Workers’ Compensation, thereby generating a high volume of directed traffic to our websites.

Site visitors derived in this way are already actively seeking for help and information about their claim. Therefore, these types of paid listings help to generate potential legal case leads resulting in retained cases for our clients nationwide.

By continuously tracking price competition and return on investment for various keywords and updating our pay-per-click advertising efforts accordingly, eGenerationMarketing creates dynamic, cost-effective search engine marketing campaigns that allow us to provide clients with new cases at the single best value in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To supplement our pay-per-click search advertising campaigns, eGenerationMarketing uses a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to streamline our websites for a better overall user experience and increase “organic” (or unpaid) search results based on targeted keywords or phrases related to Personal Injury, Employment Law, Social Security Disability (SSD), and Workers’ Compensation.

This is achieved mainly through the creation of high quality relevant website content and format based on knowledge of search engine indexing procedures and setting up a strong web presence by link building, in order to gain credibility with the search engines. Using such organic search techniques reduces our cost per intake and creates an even higher return on the investment of our clients' marketing dollars.

Geographic Targeting

eGenerationMarketing uses the reach of the internet to create national advertising campaigns that generate high volumes of web traffic. Because of this, we are able to refer legal case leads to both national and local clients at a low cost, compared to the expense of an individual firm’s limited geographic area and volume targeted web campaign.

Our campaigns generate legal case leads throughout the 50 states and US territories. Our custom software allows us to sort those intakes by state, ZIP code prefixes, or even telephone area code. In this way, we are able to cater to local clients' specific geographic practice areas with the same per-lead efficiency achieved by a national internet marketing campaign.

Consistent Return

Taking advantage of eGenerationMarketing's legal case lead generation services offers our clients levels of consistency, stability, and affordability that would be difficult to rival through internal search marketing and internet advertising initiatives, such as pay-per-click advertisements and search engine optimization.

Online marketing is a fast-paced and constantly fluctuating industry, and campaigns require constant attention and adjustment to keep efficiency up and cost down. Our low and unchanging price per lead not only simplifies the process of generating business online, but gives your business a consistent measure of return-on-investment (ROI) by which to assess the value of your marketing effort.

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