Just as a prompt and persistent follow-up procedure is crucial to achieving success with using online leads, a robust lead and client management system to organize and track your follow-up efforts can make your lead generation campaigns substantially more effective.

eLuminate, our lead and client management system combines a lead management and client management software into a single dynamic online platform. eLuminate allows you to track your progress along every step of the lead generation funnel, from initial lead receipt to court appearances at the hearing stage. When you use custom fields, you can also prepare for any future changes within your firm.

Why Custom Fields?

One of eLuminate’s more powerful features is the ability to create custom fields and generate custom reports. These allow levels of customization that may not be available in other lead or client management systems. First off, this flexibility allows you to customize your workflow to a way that that works best for your firm. As the old adage goes, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Why should your firm be any different?

If you already have proven procedures in place, a new lead and client management system shouldn’t force you to reinvent the wheel. Rather, it should be used as a tool that can adapt to and augment the practices that are already in place. Secondly, eLuminate’s high level of customization allows you to efficiently capture critical information that you may not be able to with predefined fields used by other client management systems.

When Could This Be Useful?

For example, say your firm has made contact with leads, qualified many prospects, and has sent out a significant number of retainer packets. However, you have noticed that your firm is having trouble receiving completed and signed paperwork. With eLuminate, you can create a custom field to capture the status of each lead. Whether, you have qualified a lead, sent out retainer paperwork, signed a fee agreement, or decided to not pursue a particular client, you can easily capture this crucial information.

Given this scenario, had your firm indicated the status of each lead, eLuminate could then generate a report for all leads to which you had sent retainer packets, but from whom you did not receive signed retainer forms. Rather than having to painstakingly look through the notes for each prospect, you could use this type of report to easily identify the prospects that may need additional follow-up effort, and ultimately work towards increasing the number of signed retainer forms you receive.

What Does This Mean for Your Firm?

By using the advanced reporting features of the eLuminate software, you can take your existing company and propel it to the next level. By spending less effort organizing your leads and case follow up, you can devote more time and effort towards generating revenue for your office.

Have Any Questions?

If you have questions about using these or any other features of eLuminate, we invite you to contact our client services team, to explain any features of eLuminate or discuss how to make the best use of eLuminate for your firm.

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