Sending emails, retainer packages, and printing documents are some of the most tedious tasks attorneys and paralegals have to do on a daily basis. But what if you never had to worry about sending dozens of emails to leads one at a time? Legal lead management software can make that possible.

eLuminate, eGenerationMarketing’s case and lead management software, can help you dramatically reduce the time your firm spends handling emails or signing clients. We do this with a feature known as Mass Actions. With Mass Actions, you can select any number of leads, clients, or contacts and preform a number of useful functions. Here are the features you can use with Mass Actions.

1. Convert

When using Mass Actions, you can convert many leads into contacts and matters. This is great when your firm is ready to sign a large group of clients at once.

2. Delete

This Mass Action is pretty self-explanatory. If you create custom fields on eLuminate, you can easily delete a group of leads based on parameters you’ve set for your own firm. For example, if you have found that you do not have success with leads that have a certain disabling condition, you delete all leads you no longer wish to peruse at once.

3. Generate Documents

Our document generator is one of the most powerful tools in eLuminate. With Mass Actions, you can send documents such as retainer packages to multiple leads at once. You can also send standardized SSA documents or requests for medical releases to leads that need more medical evidence to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

4. Print

If you need to print information on multiple clients, such as cases you’re representing in court that day, you can print them all at once with Mass Actions.

5. Send Emails

With Mass Actions, you can dramatically cut down on your time spent following up with leads. For example, let’s say that you’ve sent retainer packets to 17 clients, but only 4 have returned them. If you’re updating your leads on eLuminate, you can send a standardized email to every lead that hasn’t returned your retainer package.

6. Update

Update is another useful function you can do through Mass Actions. You can update dozens of leads at once without needing to click on a single lead. For example, let’s say you want to update what type of case your personal injury clients are filing. If you want, you can update all auto accident leads at once by selecting the cases you know are auto accident and then using a Mass Action to update the field eLuminate uses for “Case Type.” You can then use a Mass Action to update any other personal injury case types, such as slip and fall or product liability.

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