Any professional knows that with each case lead comes a wealth of details that are vital bits of information. Keeping track of clients, especially when the quantities get into the hundreds, is impossible without a capable note-taking CRM system, such as eLuminate.

Monitor Lead Outreach and Client Development

Each time professionals attempt to make contact with a case lead, whether or not contact is actually made, he or she can make a note on that case lead's page in eLuminate. The notes feature is meant for users to maintain record on whether or not contact was made and what was learned from the conversation.

Notes are also added automatically when sending emails through eLuminate. Just by clicking “new” then “new email”, attorneys and advocates can write messages or send an email template directly to the lead or client's email address, whether or not the case lead was sent by us. Having the ability to upload templates streamlines attorney’s and advocates’ intake process as eLuminate gives users the ability to add simple code in order to have information automatically populate into the email template. After sending an email, a note is created listing what was sent, who sent it, and when. The ability to record which user imputed the note makes it easier to keep track of staff members and directing questions appropriately, if necessary.

As each note is timestamped, users are able to see when the first contact attempt was made for a lead and keep track of how often follow ups are being made with a lead or client. Attempting to reacquaint yourself with leads and clients through written and mental notes can lead to the loss of many vital details. By recording every pertinent piece of information in real time, attorneys and advocates can create a document reviewing the clients’ history.

Access Notes Anywhere

Since eLuminate is cloud-based, professionals can access important lead and client data with them as long as they have Internet. Therefore, whenever users are away from the office and need to speak with a lead or client, they can still bring up your notes on the client. Before calling a lead or a client, you can always review the previous notes left and be completely prepared to be productive with your time on the phone. On the same note, if a client is transferred to a different paralegal at the firm, that person can waste no time getting up to speed just by going back and reading over the notes section of that client, which have been developing into a client history since the time when it came in as a lead.

Search Through Notes

In each notes section, you have the ability to filter out notes based on text, so searching for one specific note is easy. Just type in the text you are looking for and the system will filter out all other notes that do not fulfill those criteria.

For those not interested in receiving the case leads we generate, eLuminate is free for the first user associated with an account, with a pricing plan set up for when adding users beyond the first.

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