An employment law case and lead management software can help streamline your caseload and stay organized. Labor and employment is one of the most complicated areas of law for attorneys. From wage and hour law to race discrimination, there are thousands of federal and state statutes that could be broken within the workplace. Employment law involves tight deadlines, numerous contacts associated with every case, and endless paperwork.

If you believe that your firm could become more efficient when handling cases, employment law software could be a great fit.

What Does an Employment Law Case Management Software Do?

An employment law lead and case management software allows your firm to monitor and track your current caseload as well as potential clients. Track your follow up efforts or the status of a specific claim. You can ofter send emails, generate documents, create work flows and more within your case management system.

Instead of keeping all documents and files in physical copies that you can only access while at your firm, an employment law case management system allows anyone from your firm to access the information they need from a computer, table or mobile device. This can help keep your firm organized as well as maintain productivity.

Here are more reasons why your firm should utilize an employment law case management software:

Employment law case management software is customizable to suit your firm.

Because there are so many different forms of employment law, your firm may only focus on a handful of types. Perhaps your firm excels with wrongful termination cases, or maybe you have found that harassment claims are too difficult to be worth your time.

With eLuminate, eGenerationMarketing’s legal case management software, you can create custom views to easily categorize all of your pending cases by what type of claim they are. eLuminate comes with four case type fields already programmed into employment law leads (although you can add any other type you wish):

  • Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Wage/Hour

By specifying what type of employment law claim your client has, you can create custom views that show how many of each case type you have. Case types are not the only custom views you can create in eLuminate. You can also create views to show which clients have returned paperwork, whether the employee is still working at the firm, and more. eLuminate was designed to be highly customizable, so your firm can create whatever view will help you become more profitable.

Employment law case management software helps you track time spent on a case.

Because most employment law attorneys will bill their clients by the hour, it is important to keep track of how much time you spend working on each case you've signed.

One of eLuminate’s newest and most powerful features is time tracking. With time tracking, you can record exactly how much you work on a case for a client. Time tracking will continue even if you close the eLuminate tab on your browser, so if you need to visit a client or go to court, you can still keep records of how much a client will owe you.

Employment law case management software helps you keep on top of deadlines.

Employment law has strict statutes of limitations. For federal jobs, most claims must be filed within 180 days. Although statutes of limitations vary by state, most claims will need to be file within one year.

When using an attorney lead management system within your employment law firm, you will be able to monitor any upcoming deadlines and make sure you remind claimants to return paperwork so they can start their claims before it is too late. eLuminate has fields for the Date of Violation, Date of Termination, and the Statute of Limitations. You can even organize your leads in descending order of upcoming statute of limitations deadlines. By keeping upcoming deadlines at the top of your priority list within you employment law software, you can ensure that your firm will not lose a case due to a missed deadline again.

Employment law case management software allows you to keep all of your contacts in one convenient location.

One of the biggest problems our employment law attorneys have is keeping all of the contacts associated with one case together. Just one employment law case can have a dozen or more claimants, including:

  • The claimant/employee
  • Supervisors
  • The hiring manager
  • Coworkers
  • Eye witnesses

In eLuminate, you can associate contacts with matters (cases your firm has signed). This means that when you view one case, you can also view the contact information for anyone else who is associated with your case. You can also upload documents into eLuminate to record any hand-written statements, files, and more. eLuminate is a web-based software, which means that you can access your cases’ contacts anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Employment law case management software helps make it easy contacting leads and clients.

An employment law software should make it easier to contact your leads and clients. Within eLuminate, you can automatically generate documents to send directly to clients. Any emails sent from eLuminate will be automatically be recorded, allowing you to see your last date of contact. When contact leads, you can use your employment law software as an intake form, getting the necessary information to evaluate a lead and contact them in the future.

How Much Does An Employment Law Software Cost?

Legal case tracking software can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Some may charge for trainings or bill for assistance with their platform. Fortunately, eGen's attorney case software is free for those purchasing leads. Your account manager can help you troubleshoot issues and do trainings, none of which your firm will receive a bill for.

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