eLuminate, our legal lead and case management software, is designed to save your firm time. One of eLuminate’s most powerful functions is its document generator. We have dozens of standard Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy documents available for our attorneys to use. If you want an additional document created for your firm, our Client Services team is also able to make you a variety of customized forms for your firm’s use.

First Documents: Custom SSA Documents (or any area of law)

All of the SSA documents in eLuminate will automatically auto-populate with the firm’s contact information, the client’s contact information, and the client’s signature and date. However, a common request from our clients is to customize a standard SSA document to best suit a firm. For example, one of the documents generated in eLuminate is SSA-1696—Form to Appoint a Representative. Some firms wish for it to be customized, with appropriate checkmarks or signatures that the attorney would have to fill out. Some examples of other customization we can do include:

  • Having fields auto-checked
  • Adding your firm’s signatures to all necessary lines
  • Adding your firm’s logo to the document
  • Selecting which fields you want the claimant to fill out

Second Documents: Letters Attorneys Frequently Send to Clients

Another request we often receive is to create a document of a letter attorneys often send to their clients. This is appealing to attorneys because they can keep their logo, signature, and standard emails in one document that their potential client can sign easily through EchoSign. Here are a few documents clients have requested in the past:

  • Welcome letters to new clients
  • Retainer packages to potential clients
  • Fee agreement for Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, or other area of law

Third Documents: Any Other Non-SSA or Non-Governmental Forms

The final category of documents our Client Services team can create for you are miscellaneous forms. Some of these forms are questionnaires the claimants should fill out so attorneys have a better understanding of the case. Other documents do not necessarily have to be sent to clients. They can include documents that you frequently send to members of your staff internally, or documents you send to other parties related to a case, such as an ODAR office or an insurance company.

Finally, eGeneration can create large packets for your firm. These are called collections. Collections can include a bundle of necessary information for any lead to sign on as a client. If you are a Social Security attorney, your collection may include a customized version of SSA-1696 (appoint a representative), HA-501 (request for hearing), SSA-3368 (adult disability report), and more.

The best part about document collections is that you can send all of the forms together with the click of one button, or you can send each customized form individually. This gives your firm the flexibility to send a new claimant everything he or she needs if first applying for disability benefits, or you can choose to send materials only someone who was denied at the initial stage would need.

If you’d like to speak with us about how our case and management software can make your firm more efficient, give us a call today at 617.800.0089. We’d be happy to discuss how eLuminate can save your firm time and increase your number of signed clients.

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