At eGenerationMarketing, client satisfaction is our #1 priority. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers. Because the happiness of our clients is so important, we offer fantastic services in addition to the products we sell through our Client Services team. Here are just a few of the highlights of working with Client Services.

Client Services can update your account immediately.

If your firm has recently lost an employee and you’re short staffed, Client Services can instantly update your account preferences to slow down how many leads you’re receiving until your staff is up to speed again. On the flip side, if you have hired new paralegals or other employees to make additional outbound calls, Client Services can determine whether or not there is more availability in the areas you receive leads. If we have more leads in your area, Client Services is able to start sending you more leads that day. Finally, if you decide the service isn’t right for you, Client Services can pause or cancel your account with just two business days notice.

All of the updates or additions Client Services recommends for your firm are in your best interest. We would never recommend that your firm purchase more leads in a new area unless we believe it would be profitable for your firm.

Client Services is always happy to educate you and your staff.

One of the most challenging components of running a busy law firm is training new employees. If your firm purchases leads from us, you’ll remember your tutorial of eLuminate, our legal case and lead management software. We ask all new clients to have a 25-minute tutorial of eLuminate before receiving leads to ensure that the service will be as successful as possible.

But what if you’ve hired someone else? No problem. eGeneration’s Client Service team is more than happy to have another tutorial to help get everyone at your firm up to speed. If you’ve found that you’ve forgotten some of the key functions of eLuminate, client services will also be happy to schedule a second tutorial with you as well.

Client services will work tirelessly to create custom documents or email templates for your firm.

One of the most powerful tools available in eLuminate is our document generator and the ability to send customizable emails. We have dozens of premade documents and emails, but some of our clients prefer to have client services make documents for their firm specifically. This can vary anywhere from creating a document from scratch, to making minor adjustments a document that we already have. Client services is happy to take the time to discuss exactly what type of document you’re looking for and create something unique for your firm to use.

Client Services is free.

Unlike other lead generation companies, any assistance you receive from Client Services is always free. This is true for both those who purchase leads and paid eLuminate users. From multiple eLuminate tutorials to scratch-made documents, you never have to worry about paying anything extra for help from eGeneration’s Client Services.

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