When you start your lead campaign with eGeneration, you’ll have access to our top-notch Client Services support. Some lead generation companies will charge you for assistance with your campaigns. Help from our Client Services team is always free. Here are just a few of best free services offered by our team:

1. Tutorials

Need to get your firm up to speed on how to manage the leads we send you, or how to use eLuminate, our lead and case management software? Client Services will give you a tutorial when you start out with the service, but we’ll also get you up to speed if you hire new staff, or if you want a refresher.

2. Reports

eLuminate has a Reports feature that allows you to record your progress with our leads: How many leads you’ve signed, how many new clients you’ve gained, which areas or case types seem to perform well, and your overall success with the service. Client Services can quickly interpret this data and make recommendations accordingly! Keep in mind that to best utilize eLuminate’s reports, you’ll need to update your progress with the leads we send you.

3. Recommendations

If you use eLuminate, Client Services can quickly send over campaign recommendations, but we can also use other lead management software your firm already uses to make recommendations. Client Services can help you pinpoint an area where your leads seem to convert particularly well, or some potential screening that can help you convert a higher percentage of leads.

4. Documents

Every law firm will have a wealth of documents you send to clients, from retainer packages to medical release forms. If you’d like to ditch snail mail and move your firm’s practice into the cloud, Client Service can help you create documents to be sent to your leads. These documents can be signed electronically for immediate return to your firm with AdobeSign (also free of charge).

5. Campaign Modifications

Do you want to increase your Social Security volume by 25 additional leads this month? Or perhaps add an additional state for personal injury leads? Client Services can do this for you on the fly, if we have the availability! If not, Client Services can be on the lookout for any opening availability in the future for your firm.

6. Questions and Time

Some companies charge you by the hour for their help. Whether your question takes 20 seconds or 2 hours to answer, Client Services will always help you out, for free. Your time is valuable, so we never want to charge you for it. If you have any questions on the leads you’ve received, your current billing status, or the service in general, Client Services is just a phone call away.

If you’re not getting help from Client Services when you require assistance, you are not utilizing eGenerationMarketing’s service to its full potential. Once you know exactly how efficient you are with our leads, and how to manage the leads successfully with eLuminate or your own case management software, you’ll be able to increase your caseload and profitability significantly more than using the leads without any advice.

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