Law Firms can greatly improve their efficiency by using a case or lead management software. Lead management refers to the managing of a potential client, while case management refers to the managing of a client once they already retained your law firm to represent them. Good lead management software for law firms should streamline your intake process and make it easier for you to convert a potential case into a retained case. It should also allow you to run reports to see which of your methods of acquiring leads is most effective.

A good case management for law firms will make your law firm more efficient as you will no longer have to go looking for a client’s file in a cabinet. A case management software will be able to store all interactions with the client, important documents associated with a case, contact info and anything else associated with a case in a central location.


eLuminate, a client management system offered by eGenerationMarketing, can be used both as a lead and a case management system. Software that utilizes both features will save your firm a great deal of time and improve efficiency as you will not have to transfer information to a different software once you have converted a lead into a case.

Having both lead and client management in one convenient location will also allow you to better keep track of your return-on-investment (ROI) of different marketing campaigns. The true ROI of any legal marketing campaign cannot be measured until you are able to decipher what percentage of cases from each marketing campaign you are winning and what the average fee on those cases are.

Similarities between lead and case management in eLuminate

Many of the same features that are available in the leads module are available in the Matters/Contacts (cases) modules as well. For example, for both leads and cases, you can track any information you would like using the custom fields option. Both sections allow you to make time stamped notes, generate documents, create email templates, send mass emails, etc.

Features unique to lead management for law firms

First, any leads you receive from eGenerationMarketing are automatically imported into eLuminate; thus, you will not have to waste any time importing those leads manually. The lead management for law firm aspect of eLuminate also allows you to run various reports to get statistics on the leads you have imported into eLuminate. You can run reports to see what percentage of the leads you are converting into a case for each marketing source, what the average age of the leads you are receiving, the geographic breakdown of the leads you are receiving, and more.

Features unique to case management for law firms

Unlike with the Leads module, you can associate multiple contacts (individuals) with each matter. For example, you can add a doctor as a contact within a personal injury case so you can easily follow up with them to get medical records for the claimant. The ability to associate contacts with a matter will you save you time when you are trying to find contact info for individuals associated with any case you may have.

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