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Whether you’re a new attorney or an established law firm, maintaining a pipeline of legal leads is vital for the success of your firm. Working with a legal lead generation service can help your firm maintain a continuous pipeline of legal leads while keeping marketing costs affordable.

Still not convinced? Here’s a few more reasons why your firm should utilize a legal lead generation service:

1. Grow Your Caseload Quickly

Unlike other forms of marketing that can take weeks, even months to generate a lead, your firm will see results very quickly with legal lead generation. Many services, including eGen, allow you to receive leads within 24 hours of signing up. You can then control how many legal leads you receive within a given day or month. Depending on the size of your intake staff, you can adjust your lead package to receive the optimal number of leads that your firm can handle.

2. Try Out New Markets

If your firm has ever wanted to expand into new markets such as a neighboring city or a new state, lead generation can help your firm try leads in this new area. Identify which city, state or even three-digit zip code prefix you'd like to expand into. As you receive these new leads, track which are signed or desired. You can then determine if this new market is a viable geographical area for your firm. For disability attorneys, as the SSA continues to offer video hearings, you can receive leaves in states you never could before due to travel. Consider taking leads in new areas based off SSA hearing office approval ratings or look for areas where there may not be as much competition.

3. Jumpstart In a New Area of Law

Just like testing out leads in a new market, you can try expanding your firm into a new area of law. Start with a few leads each month in a new area of law, and as you determine if the area of law is a feasible case type for your firm, you can expand your monthly limit.

4. Reduce In-house Marketing

With legal lead generation for law firms, long gone will be the days of tirelessly toiling over paid search campaigns or spending thousand of dollars on outside firms to do your firm’s marketing. Your lead provider will manage the legal lead generation campaigns. You just have to sit back and watch the leads come in. Plus, with a set cost per lead, you will not have to worry about the sudden spikes in a volatile paid search campaign.

5. Get Pre-Qualified Leads

Each legal lead we send our clients must fill out an evaluation form, completing a series of qualifying questions. Once the lead gets sent to your firm, you’ll be able to see how they’ve answered these questions, a brief case deception and contact information for the lead. The questions answered vary by lead type, but allow your intake staff to quickly understand a lead before even contacting them. For our SSD clients, you can create custom screening packages based on these different qualifying questions. Screen by a claimants age, if they are seeking medical care and more!

6. Choose How You Receive Leads

Many lead generation services give you the option of how you’d like to receive your leads. By customizing how you receive your leads, you can follow up with leads in the most efficient manner for your firm. eGen gives our clients a variety of options. You can receive leads via email or text, a favorable delivery format to solo practitioners. Additionally, we offer a live-transfer feature, allowing a call to immediately placed between a lead and your firm. All legal leads received from eGen are also posted into eLuminate, our complimentary lead and case management software.

7. Build More Brand Recognition

When a lead completes our Free Case Evaluation form, they will be presented with a Thank You page and an automatic email. Both the Thank You page and the email include details you provide about your firm. This can include contact information, website links, and even photos! As more leads receive direct links to your firm’s site, you’ll receive more interactions with your website, building brand recognition. Similarly, as your caseload quickly grows, you’ll have more clients singing your praises and recommending you to friends and family.

8. One Stop Shopping

To stay organized, it’s likely your firm pays for a legal lead and case management system. The additional cost of this software combined with your legal leads may seem like a lot. Fortunately, eGen provides complimentary access to eLuminate, our in-house lead and case management software. Track lead and case progress, auto-generate industry standard documents, send emails and utilize electronic signatures all within eLuminate.

For over 10 years, eGen has been a leader in the legal lead industry. Our current legal lead offerings include Social Security disability, personal injury, worker’s compensation, and employment law leads. To learn more about our legal leads, call eGen today at 617.800.0089.


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