Included with the purchase of leads from eGenerationMarketing is the option to enable the live-transfer feature, which was created with the intention of trying to assist attorneys and advocates in better establishing initial contact with the claimants.

How it works

After a claimant completes a web form submission, his or her information will be e-mailed to the attorney or advocate. If the live transfer feature is enabled, the claimant will simultaneously receive an automated phone call. Upon answering the automated phone call, the claimant is prompted to press “2” in order to speak to an attorney or advocate for a free case evaluation. If the claimant presses “2”, he or she is then transferred via phone to the attorney or advocate’s office. The attorney or advocate’s office then receives a phone call preempted with an automated message indicating that there is a claimant on the line, and then the claimant is connected with the attorney or advocate.

Current Statistics

The live-transfer feature is completely free of charge, and is solely to help benefit our clients. Based on current statistics from clients with this feature enabled, approximately 1 out of every 3 leads submitted are directly connected right away to the attorney or advocate. By directly connecting the claimants to our clients immediately after the web form is submitted, they do not have to devote as much time and resources to chase down leads to establish initial contact. Additionally, by increasing the contact rate of the claimants, our clients can hope to see a higher conversion percentage, and ultimately a better return on their investment with eGenerationMarketing. You can monitor your success with live-transfer calls with eLuminate, eGeneration's case management software.


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