General Info

What is a Lead?

A lead is a potential client.

What is online lead generation?

Online lead generation is the process of acquiring leads (potential clients) through a website.

What type of cases do you generate leads for?

Our leads are potential clients whom have indicated via web form that they would like to be contacted by an attorney or advocate for their Personal Injury, Social Security Disability (SSD), Employment Law, or Workers’ Compensation claim.

How do you generate the case leads?

We generate our leads by driving traffic to our websites as the result of a variety of marketing campaigns, including pay-per-click ads and search engine optimization, among others. For a more detailed explanation of our promotional techniques, please refer to our Marketing Approach page.

Campaign Set Up

Can I set a limit to the amount of leads I receive per month?

Yes, we have the ability to set up your account to receive up to any amount of leads per month that you would like.

Can I only get leads from my local area?

Yes, we can filter the geographical area on your lead campaign based on ZIP code prefix, area code, and state. You can utilize this Map if you’d like play around with the geographical areas.

How do I receive the leads?

When a potential claimant submits a contact form, the lead is sent instantaneously to the email address(es) and/or text message of your choice. You will also have access to our client management software, which we call eLuminate. Through the online portal, clients are able to view and run reports on all the leads they’ve received from us.

Do you have a call center that calls the leads and screens them before being sent to your clients?

No, we don’t have a call center that calls and screens the leads for our clients but we do offer a Live-Transfer feature to our clients, at no additional cost. Meaning, that once you receive a lead, an automated message will be sent to the claimant and ask them if they would want to be connected with an attorney or advocate. Once they accept, you will receive a call saying you have someone interested in speaking with you and your calls will then be connected. For our Social Security Disability Leads, however, we do have the ability to customize lead packages and filter based on what the claimant indicates on the web form. Feel free to review our Campaign Recommendations to learn more.

Are all the leads sent exclusively to one lawyer?

Yes. Every case intake that we generate is sent exclusively to one client. Period.

Can I purchase under 10 leads?

Yes, there are no limits to the amount of leads you wish to receive. However, we do recommend clients to test a sufficient sample of leads, so that their results aren’t skewed.

Receiving Leads

Is there a way of giving the leads my information once they submit the form?

Once a claimant submits the form on one of our website, he/ she will become a lead and his/ her information will be sent to one of our clients. The claimant will view a thank you page with that client’s contact information on it. Also, an email will be sent to the claimant with that client’s information.

What else is included with the purchase of my leads?

We try to set up clients in a way that they can succeed with the leads they received. Therefore, if you were to receive leads from us, you would have access to our Live-Transfer feature, which helps increase our clients' contact rate, a client management software called eLuminate, and a dedicated Client Services team that can help you optimize your campaign.

How can I keep track of all the leads I receive?

Included in the service, we offer our clients access to our own lead and case management system, eLuminate. To learn more about the software, please visit our eLuminate page.”

What percent of the leads will become cases?

Our expectations vary based on case type. If you’d like to know more about the percent of the leads that will become cases, please contact us here or at 617. 800.0089 to speak with one of our representatives today.

How should I evaluate success?

We suggest our clients to evaluate their success in terms of cost-per-case (total $ spent on campaign/ # of cases acquired). Visit our Evaluating Your Marketing Campaigns blog post to learn more.

Can I contest leads?

Typically, we only offer refunds for things that we can verify from our end, such as an out-of-service phone number, duplicate leads, obvious spam, or something in the case description that would indicate a lead contrary to your qualification criteria. However, we try to be as lenient as possible and do offer refunds on a case-by-case basis.

Billing/ Contracts

How much do leads cost?

Our lead-cost varies by case type and lead package. If you’d like to know more about the cost of our leads, please contact us here or at 617.800.0089 to speak with one of our representatives today.

How do I move forward?

If you are interested in moving forward, we would send you our Terms and Conditions. There is still no long-term commitment and you can pause or cancel the service, with notice of 2 business days.

How does payment work?

We invoice every two weeks for leads received in the previous two weeks. We offer two payment methods - check/ACH bank transfer and credit card payment.

Would I be locked into a long-term contract?

No, there is still no long-term commitment and you can pause or cancel the service, with notice of 2 business days.

Do I receive any support with my campaign?

Yes, you receive eGeneration's stellar customer support and help from Client Services when you're a client. Any and all assistance is free.

Social Security Disability (SSD)

Can I purchase leads between certain ages?

Yes, we can filter based on any age range you’d like. However, the more we filter the higher the lead price will be. If you’d like to know more about filtering between certain ages, please contact us here or at 617.800.0089 to speak with one of our representatives today.

Do you offer just denial cases?

No, although we generate some denial cases, we’ve found that the majority of the leads that are generated through online lead generation as still looking for help in the initial stages. Some of our clients actually prefer this, since they can mold the case into something they believe will generate fees.

Personal Injury

What is the case type breakdown of the Personal Injury leads?

Our personal injury leads include auto accident, birth defect, defective drug, general liability, medical malpractice, product liability, slip and fall, and wrongful death cases.

Can I purchase just Auto Accidents?

Yes, but the lead price will increase and might not necessarily lower your cost-per-case. Some of our clients prefer to purchase all of our PI leads since they are essentially paying us to throw those leads away from them.

Are they all catastrophic injuries?

No, although we generate some catastrophic injury leads, we’ve found that the majority of the leads that are generated through online lead generation a have not sustained life-threatening injuries.

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