If your firm receives legal leads from a third-party generation company, you will know the importance of specifying where you want your leads to come from. At eGenerationMarketing, we offer three forms of geographic targeting: Three-digit zip code, area code, and statewide. Each form of targeting has its own benefits for your firm.

Three-digit zip code & area code

Area codes and three-digit zip codes are the most specific way we can target leads for your firm. There are many benefits that come with specifying your leads come from within a three-digit zip code or from an area code. The first is that you know you will not need to travel far if you do not wish to. If you’re a small firm or if you are a sole practitioner, narrowing your availability to one area of the state will eliminate the chance of traveling far to meet your clients or appear in court.

If you choose to only receive leads by three-digit zip code, you can receive leads from a narrow segment of a densely populated neighborhood, such as specific neighborhoods in New York City. Many clients also use zip codes to take areas in near-by areas across multiple states, such as in the Midwest.

Additionally, if you are an attorney at a Social Security disability firm, you can help stack the deck in your favor by choosing to receive leads that will need to go to a specific ODAR office if a claim is denied. In some states like California, there are dozens of ODAR offices. Some judges are more likely to approve claims than others, so if you only take cases you know will be sent to your favorite ALJ, you could win more claims.

Finally, eGenerationMarketing knows that smaller firms have a difficult time competing with national firms. We give preference to firms who are only taking leads within a three-digit zip code over statewide or national clients. All of our leads are sent on a round-robin basis, but clients taking leads from only a specific zip code will receive their leads first. This way, small firms have just as much opportunity to receive our leads as much larger firms.

Receiving leads statewide

With all the benefits of taking leads within specific zip codes or an area code, it may initially seem like a poor idea to take leads statewide. When a client does take statewide leads however, we are able to increase how many leads we generate by adjusting our pay-per-click advertisements.

For example, eGeneration has many personal injury and workers’ compensation clients in the state of Georgia. If a client were to take leads from across the state and not just from their local neighborhood, we could increase our bids on our pay-per-click ads in Georgia. This would allow us to generate far more leads, giving all of our Georgia clients more personal injury and workers’ compensation availability.

Michigan Social Security disability is another area that is highly saturated. Because no clients are willing to take leads across the state, there is very limited Social Security disability availability.

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