How do you generate your Social Security disability leads?

We use a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertisements (PPC) to generate our Social Security disability leads. We’ve found that using a variety of marketing sources keeps our leads not only high quality, but at an affordable price for our clients.

Are your Social Security disability leads exclusive?

Yes. If you receive a Social Security lead from us, you can rest assured knowing that no other firm in our network will receive the same lead. Areas are not exclusive however, meaning that we have multiple attorneys receiving exclusive leads within the same area.

How are your leads delivered to my firm?

You can receive your leads via email in real-time or over the phone via live transfer. You can access all of the leads you’ve ever received from eGeneration through our legal case management software, eLuminate.

Can I purchase leads within a specific area?

Yes, we allow you to use geographic targeting to select where you want to receive leads. You can purchase leads either nationwide, within an entire state, within an area code, or within a three-digit zip code prefix. This way, you can know that you will not need to travel to far away ODAR offices to win your clients’ cases.

Can I purchase leads that are only a certain age?

Yes, we allow our Social Security disability clients to screen their leads by the age of claimant. Keep in mind that if you screen leads by age, you will need to pay more per lead.

How else can I filter my Social Security disability leads?

We allow you to filter your leads by not only age, but also the following criteria:

  • Whether or not the lead is already on Social Security benefits
  • Whether or not the lead will be out of work for at least 12 months
  • Whether or not the lead already has an attorney helping them with their claim
  • Whether or not the applicant is receiving treatment from a doctor

The vast majority of our leads answer these questions favorably. Even if you receive a lead that has answered one of our screening questions unfavorably, we recommend calling the lead anyway for an initial screening. Most claimants spend just a couple of minutes on our website, so it is entirely possible that you lead did not entirely understand the question or answered it incorrectly.

Can I only purchase leads that have already been denied at the initial application?

No. While some applicants will have been denied and are waiting to have an ALJ hearing scheduled, the majority of the leads we generate are applying for Social Security disability benefits for the first time.

Can I only purchase SSDI cases?

Our disability evaluation does not ask the claimant to determine whether or not they are applying for SSI or SSDI. We’ve found that the average age of our leads is over 45. Additionally, if you want to avoid many SSI cases, you can customize your Social Security disability lead campaign on only receive leads over the age of 18.

What is your refund policy for leads?

If you receive a lead with a non-working phone number, or if you receive a lead that’s obvious spam (such as a claimant named “Mickey Mouse”), you will be refunded the full cost of the lead. Any other refund requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Sounds great! How can I get started?

If you’d like to see how receiving leads can increase your firm’s profitability, give us a call at 617.800.0089 to discuss our Social Security disability lead availability in your area.

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