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Personal injury leads from a lead generation service can often range between $100-$300 per lead. From competition to promotions, there are several that include the price of personal injury leads.

Factors that include the price of personal injury leads include:

1. Competition

Personal Injury is one of the most saturated and competitive areas of law. This competition creates high costs to generate a single PI lead through paid search. While other lead generation efforts, like organic search, can help generate leads at a lower cost the volume is a lot lower and quality may not be as high as those generated through paid search.

2. Exclusive Leads

Exclusivity can also influence the cost of PI leads. Companies that sell their leads to multiple buyers can sell their leads at a lower cost. With more buyers purchasing leads at a lower cost, a lead generation service can still recoup the investment put into generating leads. While the lead may be cheaper, firms are now in a race to contact the lead before other buyers, creating more competition over the same lead. If your firm isn’t the first to contact the lead, then you may miss the opportunity to convert the lead into a client.

On the other hand, exclusive personal injury leads, like the leads eGen sells, may cost a bit more but competition for the lead is significantly less. The lead will only be sent to one firm, reducing the competition to contact the lead first.

3. Demand

Demand also plays a role in the cost of personal injury leads. In cities or states, such as California, where there is a high demand for PI leads, the price of leads can go up. Similarly, leads in an area where there isn’t as much demand may be sold at a cheaper cost.

4. Case Types

If your firm only purchases a specific case type, like as auto accident leads, the price of leads can go up. Similarly, if your firm chooses to exclude certain case types, such as taking everything but medical malpractice, then lead costs may also increase. As more leads are screened out, the cost to generate leads can increase, resulting in what may be a higher price per lead.

5. Promotions

Throughout the year, promotions and deals can be run on personal injury leads, lowering the cost. These deals can vary. Getting a credit on your account for increasing lead volume or a discount on leads when you first sign up for the service, promotions can help bring down the cost of your PI leads for a period of time. Promotions run sporadically throughout the year, so be on the lookout for opportunities to take advantage of an offer.

Learn More About eGen’s PI Leads

While there are a lot of factors that influence a personal injury lead’s cost, purchasing PI leads through eGen can help your firm increase your caseload hassle-free. Your firm will not need to run your own lead generation campaigns or outsource your marketing efforts, ultimately saving your firm money.

Instead, you can receive PI leads in real-time without having to do any of the heavy lifting. You can create a lead package that matches what your firm is looking for in their clients down to the location and case type without toiling over your own campaigns.

To learn more about our PI leads or get a free quote, contact eGen today!

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