Are your personal injury leads exclusive?

Yes. While we allow multiple firms to receive leads from the same area, no single personal injury lead that we generate is sent to more than one law firm.

How do you generate your personal injury leads?

While we use a variety of sources to generate our personal injury leads, the vast majority of personal injury leads are generated through paid advertisements. Pay-per-click is how we generate most to generate personal injury leads.

How can I receive personal injury leads?

All of the personal injury leads we generate are sent to your firm in real time. You can choose to receive your personal injury leads via email, text messages, or through a live-transfer over the phone. To view every lead you’ve received from eGeneration, you can use our lead and case management software, eLuminate. eLuminate comes free of charge for up to five users when you purchase personal injury leads from eGeneration.

What information do I get from a personal injury lead?

All of our personal injury leads are required to fill out the following information:

  • Their full name, phone number, zip code, and email
  • The date at which the incident occurred
  • The type of claim they’re filing
  • A description of their injuries

What case types are your personal injury leads?

The majority of our personal injury leads are either auto accident cases, or slip and fall cases. The other potential case types are medical malpractice, birth defect, defective drug, product liability, general liability, and wrongful death.

Can I just receive auto accident leads?

Yes, you can filter the leads you receive from eGeneration by case type. Keep in mind that adding case filters to your leads will greatly increase the price of your PI lead package. We recommend that our clients do not choose to screen out any cases because you are essentially paying for us to throw out perfectly viable cases. It is typically more cost effective to call all the personal injury leads you receive to screen yourself to determine whether or not they are viable cases.

Are your case types catastrophic injuries?

While some of our clients have received leads with catastrophic injuries, most leads will not have experienced a severely disabling injury. Keep in mind that it is important to call a lead yourself and discuss his or her claim personally before dismissing it. To simplify the lead generation process, we ask our leads to describe their injuries in 100 words or less. A lead may not thoroughly describe how severe his or her injuries are in a couple of sentences allowed on the lead generation website.

How do I learn more about your personal injury leads?

To discuss our personal injury lead availability and pricing, give us a call today at 617.800.0089. We’d love to see if our lead generation services could be a good fit for your firm.

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