Is your firm looking for ways to streamline your daily tasks and boost profitability? One of the best ways to do so is through legal case management software. An investment in legal case management software can help save your firm time and money by eliminating paperwork, prioritizing cases, and managing your firm’s day-to-day activities.

Time saver #1: No more paperwork.

Nobody likes digging through file cabinets to find contact information, police reports, hospital records, or any other documents included in the myriad of paperwork associated with every case.

Case management software allows you to throw out your file cabinets and keep all of your important documents online. You can upload whatever documents you need and keep them safely stored within your case management software. Additionally, most case management software utilizes document generation. Instead of waiting for your client to sign and return paperwork, case management software allows you to send important documents to be signed electronically.

eLuminate allows you to upload any document associated with a case. If you are a personal injury attorney, you can easily upload a document up to 6MB in size. These documents will be permanently saved within your Matter (case), so all you need to do is bring up the Matter to see all associated documents.

eLuminate also has a document generator that allows you to send industry-standard documents, as well as whatever customized documents your firm likes to use. eLuminate will auto-populate your documents with the name and contact information of your lead, as well as your firm’s information. Finally, documents sent through eLuminate can be signed electronically via AdobeSign.

Time saver #2: Case management software allows you to prioritize your cases.

As an attorney, you know the importance of keeping your cases prioritized. If you work at a workers’ compensation law firm, statute of limitations will play a major role in pursuing claims.

Case management software is highly customizable, meaning that you can create custom views to group your pending cases by what’s important to your firm’s success. Personal injury firms can group cases by injury type, workers’ comp can see when a statute of limitations is going to expire, Social Security disability firms can focus on just SSDI claims, and employment law firms can organize their cases by how many times an employee experienced harassment.

eLuminate comes preloaded with standard views for any firm, such as “Fees Received by Attorney” or cases to “Contact Today.” Specific areas of law also have preloaded views, like “Chapter 13 Cases” for bankruptcy attorneys or “Send RFC” for Social Security disability firms. You can create your own view on top of these preloaded views to track whatever is important to your firm.

eLuminate also allows you to create custom fields within a case. If you really want to only take SSDI cases, you can create a field for that in eLuminate. You can make custom views to display any custom fields you’ve created in the software. Creating custom views and fields is on of the most critical components for success in eLuminate, so be sure to speak with Client Services to determine how to best modify eLuminate for your firm.

Time saver #3: You can manage your entire firm.

Case management software isn’t for managing just cases! You can use case management software to boost productivity in all departments of your firm. With case management software, you can delegate tasks to other members of your team, schedule meetings, and set reminders for yourself to go to hearings.

eLuminate’s homepage is designed to show a user what important tasks are coming up, from meetings that day, upcoming hearings, and tasks that need to be accomplished that day. eLuminate also shows you what Recent Actions have been taken in the software—this way, you can manage your employees and see what they have been working on over the past quarter, month, week, or even day.

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