eLuminate, eGenerationMarketing’s case and lead management software, has many features that will improve your firm’s efficiency. One of the most powerful functions of eLuminate is the document generator. With the document generator, you can send important files like retainer packages or medical release forms to your potential clients. eLuminate’s document generator can save your firm hours every week by eliminating numerous wait periods.

Time Saver #1: No More Postage

There is nothing more frustrating than sending out a retainer package for your new Social Security client to sign than to find that it never showed up in the mail. Important postage is lost in transit every day, and according to HubSpot, the average US household gets around 6 pieces of junk mail every day. It’s possible that your client may have thrown away your document on accident with the daily delivery of junk.

When you generate a document on eLuminate, a document will be emailed directly to your client. This way you know that a mishap will not occur en route to your client’s residence. This is especially helpful if you are a national client and are taking cases across the country.

Time Saver #2: No More Filling Out Document Fields

When you generate a document on eLuminate, you will not need to manually enter every piece of information about your client or lead. Many fields will auto-fill if you have kept your lead’s information up to date. Some of the fields that will auto-fill include:

  • The name and address of your lead/client
  • Your lead’s Social Security number
  • Your lead’s age and date of birth
  • Additional information about your lead, such as email or phone number
  • Information about your firm, such as your name and address

Time Saver #3: Less Reliance on Leads

Let’s face it: Not everyone will send mail out right away. If you receive a medical bill in the mail, what are the chances you’ll immediately pull out your checkbook and sign a check for the hospital? Pretty slim.

The same can be said for sending documents to your leads or potential clients. If you send your Leads an important, time-sensitive document, they may be less inclined to return it promptly. When you send a PDF document through eLuminate, clients will even be able to sign it electronically through Adobe EchoSign. This saves them time and the hassle of dealing with postage as well. Once the document is signed via EchoSign, it’s conveniently sent back to your inbox.

Time Saver #4: No More Searching Through File Cabinets

Do you find yourself or your staff digging through file cabinets every day, searching for an important document that’s been stored somewhere? When you generate documents on eLuminate, you will not need to worry about searching through thousands of pages of paper stored away in file cabinets to find what you need.

Every time you generate a document, it is saved to the associated lead or matter on eLuminate. This makes it very easy for you to pull up whatever document you need. And because eLuminate is web-based, you can have access to all of your documents wherever you have internet access.

Would you like to find out more on how eLuminate can save your firm time and money? Contact us today to learn more about the software or schedule a time to have a free eLuminate tutorial.

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