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We all know case management software helps attorneys stay organized. But there are several additional benefits of a case management software that are rarely noticed and yet are instrumental to a law firm’s success. Despite being frequently overlooked, they are some of the main factors that help attorneys and their staff save time and money with their case management software.

Here are some advantages of case management softwares:

Freedom to work from anywhere

The best case management software is online, giving attorneys the freedom to work outside the office. Server-based systems are as antiquated as a dial-up connection. Most successful businesses are moving to the cloud—a metaphor for storing data on the internet—and for good reason. A type notes as necessary. Easy entry and retrieval are particularly helpful when meeting clients outside of the office.

Rather than composing and mailing documents yourself, the best case management software can complete these tasks automatically—forms can be generated from your clients’ information on file and emailed in a form to be signed electronically. This feature is a tremendous timesaver and should be one of the main advantages an attorney considers when choosing a case management software.

Customization to fit your needs

One of the most overlooked, but beneficial, features found in good case management software is flexibility with different areas of law. Software that is nimble and can quickly adapt is especially important when a firm decides to practice a new area. A Social Security disability attorney might begin also practicing veterans disability and should expect his or her software to adjust seamlessly.

The software should also allow you to organize your cases and clients based on the criteria you want, not confine you to the default fields that come with the system. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney but your software does not allow you to organize your cases by injury type, then you should think about switching to something more customizable.

Analysis reports

Another advantage of a case management system is running reports. Reports that analyze which of your marketing efforts are working, which are not, and which can be improved are a standard tool for successful firms. Your software should generate reports that measure the performances of everyone on your staff, including the number of leads each employee has, the rate at which they contact their leads, and the rate at which they sign a lead to become an official client. These reports will allow you to evenly assign potentials to your staff and evaluate the efficiency of your employees.

The most insightful reports also allow you to see how you lose cases based on disposition. For example, if your ‘Disqualifications’ report indicates that you are losing the majority of your Social Security disability potentials because they are not treated by a doctor, then you should place additional focus on your educational outreach concerning the eligibility requirements to receive SSD benefits.

Security and peace of mind

Last, but certainly not least, superior advantage of a case management software provides assurance that all of your files are safe and backed-up regularly. While server-based options can crash or become inaccessible because of something as simple as a power outage, the best cloud-based systems save your documents every few hours and partner with reputable hosting companies that take security very seriously. With the substantial amount of confidential data law firms keep on file, it is imperative that they use a secure, encrypted system that is accessible to verified users but unbreachable to intruders.

Finding the right software for your firm

Some individual features discussed here might be available to attorneys using a server-based software or to those who use no case management software at all. But the only way to receive all of these lead and case management system benefits at once is to purchase a powerful, web-based software that meets all of your intake, marketing, and management needs. There are a lot of legal softwares out there and we encourage you to find one that best fits your needs.

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