There are many types of personal injury claims you could receive when purchasing leads from eGenerationMarketing. We currently ask our website visitors which of the following categories their claim falls under:

  • Auto Accident
  • Birth Defect
  • Defective Drug
  • General Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Slip and Fall
  • Work Injury
  • Wrongful Death

As with any area of law, some cases will always be more desirable than others. Here are some of the best cases to look for when handling personal injury cases from any form or marketing.

1. Drunk Drivers

These cases are typically open and shut because there is little doubt as to who was at fault for the crash. While tragic cases, drunk driving claims are some of the easiest wins for personal injury attorneys, because no court is willing to blame an innocent motorist for getting hit by a drunk driver. Drunk driving crashes are some of the most common crashes across the country: According to the CDC, 31% of all traffic-related deaths are caused by drunk drivers.

Additionally, drunk driving claims may yield higher fees for attorneys, as courts will often make a drunk drivers pay punitive damages due to his clear negligence and willingness to cause harm to others. While you cannot expect to receive weekly drunk driving leads from eGeneration’s services, some of our clients have received settlements of six figures or more from our personal injury leads.

2. Trucks

Much like drunk driving claims, auto accidents with trucks are highly desirable because there is a higher chance of a claimant experiencing severe injuries or damages to his or her vehicle. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety nearly 300,000 property damage claims were filed after a motorist crashed with a truck. Accidents with trucks tend to cause much more damage to a vehicle than a typical fender bender. This is especially important in states with no-fault auto insurance. In Massachusetts for example, it’s very challenging to file a personal injury claim unless the injured party incurs at least $2,000 in medical bills due to the crash.

Auto accidents in general are quite lucrative for personal injury attorneys, and they happen to be our most commonly generated case type. Around 48% of our personal injury lead case types involve an auto accident.

3. Slip and Fall or General Liability, Particularly in a Large Store

Auto accident claims are not the only cases that yield high returns. Many slip and fall claims can be exceptionally lucrative for personal injury attorneys, especially when a claimant falls in an established business and not someone’s place of residence. Some slip and fall cases have huge payouts for attorneys. For example, according to the Pendas Law Firm, a woman in Florida won $1 million after she slipped and fell in Walmart, causing permanent nerve loss in her shoulder. Another woman won $7.5 million in a lawsuit against Starbucks after slipping on recently mopped floors according to NBC Chicago. While not every slip-and-fall claim is an easy win for attorneys, there have been huge settlements when businesses are at fault for injuries.

Slip and fall claims are our second most commonly generated type of personal injury lead. 38% of our leads generated choose this as their case type.

Investigating Every Lead

While it may be tempting to limit your personal injury legal lead generation package to only auto accidents and slip and fall claims, we strongly recommend that our clients do not purchase customized personal injury packages. This will dramatically increase your personal injury lead price, and you could be throwing away profitable cases. Additionally, we design our contact forms to be as user-friendly and easy to fill out as possible, so our visitors only spend a couple of minutes on our site. This may mean that a personal injury lead could have a significantly better claim than what’s written in the case description, or the lead may not have selected an accurate case type for his or her claim. It’s vitally important to call every lead you receive to truly determine if the case is pursuable.

Increasing Your Pending Personal Injury Claims

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