If you are a personal injury attorney, you may be familiar with third-party personal injury leads. Purchasing leads is a great way to save on costs of running personal injury marketing campaigns in house. If you are interested in creating a personal injury lead package with eGenerationMarketing, we have a few campaign recommendations that can help your firm be successful.

Recommendation #1:Don’t cherry-pick your personal injury cases.

Most personal injury attorneys are apt to call an auto accident or slip-and-fall claimant right away, but may be less fond of other case types. Having this mentality could lead your firm to be far less successful with PI leads.

To make contacting an attorney as easy as possible for leads, we ask our leads to simply choose their case type and submit their contact information. You have an extensive knowledge of the different forms of personal injury cases, but these leads will not. Someone could choose “general liability,” not truly understanding what type of case they have but thinking someone else was at fault.

We recommend that you call every personal injury lead you receive, regardless of the lead’s case type. This will ensure that you do not miss out on any slam-dunk cases. Additionally, do not only contact leads that you believe will have huge settlements. Firms that take cases they believe will win tend to be more profitable than those who wait around for the "million dollar" cases.

Recommendation #2: Wait to get a decent sample size before evaluating personal injury lead generation service.

Personal injury is one of the most competitive case types for attorneys in today’s market. With hundreds of attorneys in each state practicing personal injury law, our leads are often sold to new clients as soon as availabilities open up in our network. We will almost always be able to source new clients a portion of the leads within an area, but clients who take leads statewide will see results faster, as they can quickly accrue a legitimate sample of leads.

It is important to stick with any marketing service until you have a large sample size and enough data to evaluate the product. Any initial results may not be reflective of the service as a whole. For example, if you were to receive ten personal injury leads and sign five up as clients, you may believe the leads will always convert at 50%. Conversely, if you signed no clients up, you may not think the leads will convert at all. Neither figure is representative of how we expect our personal injury leads to convert for your firm.

We recommend that you receive at least 50 leads before making a decision as to how well the service is working for your firm, although waiting until you receive 100 leads will give you an even more accurate look at how they convert. You can keep track of your pending leads in eLuminate, our lead and case management software.

Recommendation #3: Take personal injury claims statewide.

It’s not as common for It’s very uncommon for clients to want cases in more than one state simply because a personal injury firm will need at least one licensed attorney in every state where they receive leads. When buying personal injury leads from a third-party lead generation company, some firms even want to avoid taking leads statewide for fear of needing to travel to the middle of nowhere to see a client.

A factor that many attorneys fail to remember is that the majority of lead volume will come from major population concentrations, so most Utah personal injury leads will come from Salt Lake City and nearby neighborhoods. It is unlikely that you will need to travel far to win cases if you live in a largely populated area.

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