As a personal injury attorney, you know the area of law is one of the most saturated in the country. This can make it very challenging to find affordable forms of marketing that still yield high-qualify personal injury cases for your firm. Fortunately, personal injury leads can be a profitable form of marketing your firm can use in lieu of investing capital into in-house advertisements.

When you compare the costs of growing your case load through lead generation to traditional forms of personal injury marketing, personal injury attorney case leads often outrun the competition in ability to sign a new client at a low rate.

Billboards and Personal Injury Leads

Billboards are a popular form of personal injury marketing because they can reach an incredible number of potential claimants for a reasonably low price. Many use them as a way to generate personal injury attorney leads. According to pricing taken from Lamar Advertising (, one of the largest billboard providers in the US, a digital billboard in Pompano Beach, FL costs $4,200 for four weeks. This should allow up to 360,000 people to see your firm’s ad in just one month. But is this profitable?

Billboards have notoriously low conversion rates, meaning that very few people are likely to contact your personal injury firm, even after thousands have seen your ad. Even after you get inquires, you’ll not want to take every personal injury case lead you receive. For this ad to be profitable, your firm would realistically need to sign at least eight clients over the month. Is it possible? Of course. But traditional forms of legal advertising like billboards can be difficult for personal injury firms due to the fact that hundreds of other lawyers are displaying billboard, bus, and outdoor ads in the same place. It’s easy for any firm's name to become lost among the myriad of competitors.

Personal Injury Lead Generation’s Profitability

When you buy personal injury leads, you’re paying for an actual claimant to contact, not potential claimants. Instead of gambling with a billboard or other outdoor ad and hoping someone calls your firm, you can guarantee that every lead will contain the contact information of an interested claimant, and not pay for anything more. The chances of creating a “bad ad” are not applicable, saving your firm money and reducing your risk.

Personal injury leads are profitable as well. At eGenerationMarketing, our personal clients often see a cost per case of $500, although some of our most successful clients have much lower costs. With personal injury settlements frequently reaching 5-figure settlements and more, lead generation services can be a highly profitable way for your firm to sign clients.

Getting Started With Personal Injury Lead Generation

Relying on one form of marketing alone is never a good idea. Investing in your own marketing efforts is a great way to build a brand for your firm. But this takes time and money—and you can easily supplement your efforts by using personal injury lead generation service. We currently generate personal injury leads in every state. If you’d like to discuss our pricing and availability, give us a call at 617.800.0089 today. We’d love to help your firm sign more clients.

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