Whether you’re a solo practitioner or an attorney at a nationwide personal injury firm, eGenerationMarketing’s personal injury leads can be profitable for you. If your firm is receiving personal injury leads for the first time, here are some recommendations to help expand your caseload while still maintaining a high profit margin:

For the Small Firm or Solo Practitioner:

Consider opting for our live-transfer feature. eGenerationMarketing offers live-transfer calls for all of our clients. With this feature, your lead will opt into having a call placed directly to your office as soon as he or she fills out our Free Evaluation online. This is great for small firms because the sooner you connect with a claimant, the better your odds of signing up a new client. Small personal injury firms and solo practitioners don’t have the intake staff needed to call leads as soon as they’re received, so we can cut out the middle man and save your firm the time of connecting with a lead.

Don’t fear a contract! With our personal injury leads, there are no long-term contracts or minimum spending plans. The risk involved with trying a batch of personal injury leads has minimal risk when compared with other forms of marketing.

For the Large Firm:

Consider expanding your reach. We generate personal injury leads in all 50 states, and we can target leads by state, area code, or three-digit zip code prefix. This allows you to easily supplement your current marketing efforts in a targeted area. For example, if you primarily practice law in Chicago but are licensed in Wisconsin, we may be able to help your firm increase its caseload by sending you PI leads in a nearby state.

For any Firm:

Don’t cherry-pick your cases! It can be very tempting to “hold out” for a million-dollar case, but if you wait until the perfect personal injury claim falls into your lap, you will not be profitable with any marketing service. Most personal injury claims deal with minor injuries such as broken bones, and it’s simply not feasible to ignore claims that have smaller, but still viable settlements.

Call a lead you receive regardless of its case description. To make our Free Evaluation easy for our online visitors, we ask that a potential claimant describe his or her case in 100 words or less. 100 words is not nearly enough to know if a case is viable or not. Personal injury claimants are often confused and uneducated on the claim process, and they may not be likely to know what injuries or damages they’re even eligible for. Be sure you have someone speak to every personal injury lead you receive at least once to correctly determine if the case is worth your time.

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