Personal injury leads are one of eGenerationMarketing’s most popular products. We sell high-quality personal injury leads across the country. If you have recently started using personal injury leads to supplement your current caseload, here are some tips we’ve learned from our most successful clients on how to be as profitable as possible with personal injury leads.

Tip #1: Call your lead quickly, and call your lead often.

When you receive a personal injury lead from eGenerationMarketing in real time, you know that your lead is actively seeking legal help regarding a personal injury claim. It’s imperative that you call your lead as soon as possible to ensure that you get in contact with them. Personal injury claimants may be in and out of the hospital, meaning that they might not be available during normal business hours. Additionally, studies have shown that the sooner you contact a lead upon receipt, the higher your odds of ever speaking with someone.

Tip #2: Don’t cherry-pick your leads.

Just as you wouldn’t expect every claimant to walk through your door with a million-dollar personal injury suit ready, you cannot expect every personal injury lead to have been in a harrowing car crash with a drunk driver. Some cases will not be as desirable as others, and you will need to be willing to sign smaller clients to make the service profitable overall. Our clients find that they spend around $500 - $600 to sign one new personal injury case, which is excellent considering many personal injury claims end in settlements of $15,000 or more for attorneys.

Tip #3: Don’t screen your package.

If you really, really want to, you can modify your personal injury package to only receive auto accident leads. We don’t recommend this for two reasons: The first is that it’ll dramatically increase the price of your lead package. The second is that you could be paying more to throw out excellent leads. Some medical malpractice lawsuits have settled for millions, and few personal injury attorneys would turn away a class-action suit against a major manufacturer of a faulty product.

Tip #4: Speak with every lead you receive.

Our claimants only spend a couple of minutes on our website before filling out a Free Evaluation. This gives them very little time to understand what makes a good personal injury claim, what the claims process is, or even what type of claim they have. Our Free Evaluation is very simple to ensure we get the data necessary for our clients, but also not deter claimants from filling out a form because it’s too long. This means that there’s a chance your claimant did not select the right case type (choosing general liability instead of slip and fall, for example). He or she also may not have thoroughly described all injuries sustained from an accident. Until a member of your intake staff speaks with a lead to confirm it’s not a good case, you should continue to pursue the case.

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