If you decided to use eLuminate, eGeneration’s legal case and lead management software, congratulations! eLuminate is used across the country to increase efficiency and boost profitability. You may be thinking: “Where do I begin?” eLuminate has dozens of features and you may be initially overwhelmed. If you’re using eLuminate, the best way to utilize the software is to know exactly what you want to get from it and customize it to best fit your needs.

Before you start: Tell Client Services how you hope to use eLuminate.

eGeneration’s Client Services team is awesome. They will customize eLuminate to suit your firm’s needs. If you want to only use eLuminate as case management software, Client Services can create custom views to manage your clients by case type, statute of limitations, age of claimant, date of trial, or more.

If you hope to use eLuminate as an intake form, Client Services can add custom fields that you typically use to screen potential clients. This streamlines the process of vetting and signing new clients. If you're using eLuminate’s calendar and homepage to keep track of your employees, Client Services can organize the eLuminate homepage to visually display what you need to see first, and remove components that are not necessary.

Client Services can create custom email templates, generate documents for electronic signature via AdobeSign, and even letterheads for your firm to ease the process of contacting and following up with leads and existing clients.

If you already have hundreds of notes and contacts for your pending cases, no problem! Client Services can import all of your data so you don’t need to start managing your cases from square one.

Whatever you want to use eLuminate for, be sure to tell Client Services so we can make the software work for your firm’s specific needs.

After you start: Ask as many questions as you want!

Help from Client Services is always free, so you or your staff can call in or email us with questions as much as you’d like. If you ever need help figuring out how to generate documents or how to update all of your leads at once and send many emails through Mass Actions, Client Services is happy to help.

If you need assistance outside of usual business hours (9 am – 5 pm EST), try consulting the eLuminate handbook. The handbook can answer most questions on functions or features within eLuminate. You can also email us or submit a ticket through eLuminate and Client Services will respond within 24 hours.

After you start: Get your hands dirty!

The best way to learn how eLuminate can help your firm is to use the software. Once you dive in and test out eLuminate’s features yourself, you can see what is most helpful for your firm.

Some of the best features of eLuminate are often discovered through trial and error. For example, your firm can create your own letterhead within eLuminate to send in emails to clients. However, it will likely take your firm a couple of tries to create the perfect letterhead.

Many firms also do not realize how useful custom views are until they create some themselves. When you customize eLuminate, you can truly put priority on anything. Instead of seeing a list of your signed cases when logging in, you can customize eLuminate’s views to display a descending list of cases ordered by upcoming court date, a group of clients you need to contact that day, or all of your clients who have pending paperwork.

Do you have any questions about eLuminate and how your firm can utilize the software? Give us a call today at 617.800.0089 to discuss how Client Services can customize eLuminate for your firm.

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