Most successful law firms generate legal leads through various channels. Some use local TV ads, some pay for a third-party lead generation service, and some rely on word-of-mouth. If you have found that your firm has clients calling in frequently, your firm could become more efficient by standardizing your intake process. With eLuminate, our legal case and lead management software, you can easily screen your inbound interest and filter through leads that you believe will become viable cases.

Receiving Inbound Interest

Whenever you or a member of your staff receives a phone call from a potential client, you can pull up eLuminate and select “Add Lead” to gather information about your claimant. You will be given the option to select what case type this caller is wishing to pursue. This is great for larger firms who take multiple case types.

Whether you handle employment law, personal injury, Social Security disability, workers’ compensation, or more, you can easily pull up a questionnaire to screen your caller. eLuminate is highly customizable, so if you have a standard set of questions you use when speaking with potential clients, you can easily edit eLuminate so your screening questions are used by the software to qualify leads.

Data Existing in eLuminate Now

If you don’t have you own standard questionnaire, you can use the fields that come preinstalled in eLuminate. Once you have eLuminate open, you can ask the caller a series of standard questions that we have found will best determine whether or not the lead has good potential to convert to a client. For example, if you select eLuminate’s “Social Security” lead type, you will see five specific qualifier fields to fill out:

  • Receiving Social Security Benefits?
  • Out of Work For 12 Months?
  • Has an Attorney?
  • Has a Doctor?

Asking a caller these four questions will quickly let you know if he or she has a decent Social Security case or not. If you find that your potential client isn’t seeing a doctor, you may not want to take the claim. The same can be said if the caller already is receiving Social Security benefits and was hoping that you could help them receive a higher payment each month.

eLuminate also has standard fields that can be filled out in addition to Qualifier Information. You can enter the claimant’s name, address, email, and phone number. We also have tabs where you can signify what stage of the application process the claimant is at. If your claimant has been denied after seeing an ALJ, you can quickly decide that the case may not be the best for your firm.

Aside from the fields we have automatically imported for you, you can add any custom fields you want on eLuminate. If you want to record your Social Security claimant’s Social Security number, you can easily create your own field for that. You can also add multiple fields for phone numbers so you can ask for more than one way to contact a lead.

Using eLuminate as a screening tool for your leads can also help ensure that you or your staff does not forget to ask a caller a question. It would be awfully challenging to contact a lead you wish to sign as a client if you forget to ask for the best number to reach them at. On eLuminate, you can set fields to be “Required” or not. If a field is required, you cannot save the lead without entering data for that field. Making questions on eLuminate required is a safety net for ensuring that your firm does not miss out on collecting valuable information.

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