If you’re like most attorneys, you have a busy schedule. From hearings, to interviewing prospective clients, a day in the life of a legal professional can be hectic. In fact, many law firms have hundreds of pending cases at once. Fortunately, there are resources available to you to keep your upcoming appointments organized.

eLuminate, eGenerationMarketing’s case management software, allows you to see all your upcoming hearings, send your clients reminder emails, and even set reminders for yourself. With these time-saving features, you can rest assured that both you and your clients will be well aware of any upcoming hearings, giving yourself time to prepare for success.

How can you view your appointments in eLuminate?

eLuminate comes with dozens of preinstalled views to better organize your leads and matters (pending cases). One view included in eLuminate is Contact Today—these are all the claimants who you need to follow up with that day, whether it’s someone who missed your call or needs to return paperwork.

More often than not, it’s ineffective to email someone the day of a hearing. What’s much more beneficial is to send along a reminder a few days or even a week ahead of time. While “Contact Today” may not be best suited for these reminders, it’s possible to create a view that better suits your firm’s needs. You can see all of the claimants you wish to remind about a hearing by creating a custom view. In just a few steps, you can group every lead or contact that has a “Next Scheduled Contact” date set—whether it’s tomorrow, later in the week, or one year from now.

*If you ever need any help creating custom views in eLuminate, feel free to speak with a member of our Client Services team! Any assistance from Client Services is always free.

An easy way of reminding your clients about their hearings

Once you’ve grouped all the clients who have upcoming meetings or hearings, you can quickly contact them at once. By using Mass Actions to send multiple emails at once, you can send a customizable email to all of your claimants’ inboxes—reminding them of their upcoming hearing, or a scheduled appointment to go over their claim. Because the emails you can send via Mass Actions are completely customizable, you can make sure that it doesn’t look like you’re emailing dozens of people at once: Your email can contain your claimant’s name, the date and time of their own hearing, and more.

Keep yourself on track with eLuminate’s calendar

Reminding your clients about their upcoming appointments is just one step—you may also need to remind yourself about any upcoming hearings! eLuminate has two ways you can keep on top of your hearings. You can do so either through tasks or events.

A task is more like a to-do list, so for hearing purposes, you’ll likely want to create an event. An event will have a set date, and unlike a task, a specific time. Additionally, events will have the option to create email reminders. If you have a hearing coming up that you want to remember, you can choose to send an email to yourself a week, a day, or even an hour ahead of time. This notification will go directly to your inbox and make sure you’ll never forget about an important meeting or hearing again.

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