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You just signed up to receive leads from us - that’s great! We’re so excited to work with you. We want you to succeed with our service, so we put together a brief overview of things to keep in mind before the leads start running.

Make sure your account is set up properly

Your account manager will reach out to you with your account configuration and some FAQs. Take a look at these to make sure your account is set up properly. Double-check your lead recipients, geographic areas where the leads are coming from, your lead package, and the text in the thank you page and autoresponder email.

The thank you page is what’s displayed to the claimants upon completion of the webform and the autoresponder is an email that’s sent to them. Both include your firm’s contact information. Therefore, check that the contact information is correct. The texts are customizable, so feel free to edit them and send us the updated versions.

Tell us more about your firm

We want to get to know you! Each law firm operates differently, so by sharing information about your firm, we can tailor any lead and eLuminate tips for you.

How is the firm set up? Who should our point of contact be? What is your follow up process like? Who is contacting the leads? What’s your process for sending retainers and getting them back? Do you currently use a lead and case management software? How do you keep track of your leads and existing clients?

These are just some of the questions that we like to ask. Thinking about them will help both you and us make sure your firm is ready to succeed with the leads.

Share your results with us

We cannot emphasize this enough! Knowing which leads are converting into cases allows us to target the marketing campaigns that produce those leads. In turn, we can send you higher quality leads. The more data we have from clients, the better changes we can make to help increase your conversions.

Also, by keeping track of your results, you can easily see whether or not the service is working for you. You’ll know if your contact, desired, and signed rates are on par with our expectations. You’ll also know your cost per case and return on investment.

To do this, make sure you set up your eLuminate account. All of the leads will post into eLuminate and it’ll serve as the official records of leads sent. The information that the lead filled out on the webform will be posted there as well.

In eLuminate, you can mark off which leads you’re pursuing. We encourage clients to update the Result field to Signed for someone who becomes your client, Desired for someone you’re interested in but hasn’t become a client yet, or a Disqualification Disposition for someone who didn’t sign up for one reason or another. This is the easiest way for you and us to know how many and which leads you’re converting!

Learn more about eLuminate

We’re happy to demonstrate eLuminate for you. We focus on showing you how to update your lead results and analyze your lead performance. With that said, eLuminate has a lot of other features that are useful. To name a few of eLuminate’s top features: you can keep track of your lead intakes and lead follow up, see who you should be contacting and when, send emails to your leads, send documents for electronic signature, and turn your signed leads into cases.

Each law firm is set up differently so we can customize the software to best suit your firm’s needs. For instance, there may be certain fields that you want to keep track of or documents that you want to send out that are specific to your law firm. Let us know if that’s the case. We’re also happy to show you how you can customize eLuminate yourself.

We recommend creating a dummy lead so you can play around with eLuminate and see what it has to offer. As you do this, questions will arise, and you’ll figure out how you might want to customize the software. Think about the information that is essential for you and your intake staff to keep track of. Then, send us your questions. Additionally, set up a time with your account manager to take a closer look at the software.

Remember the important takeaways

We expect about 6-10% of our SSD leads and 15-20% of our PI and WC leads to be worth pursuing. Our target cost per case for you is $300-$400 for SSD leads, $400-$600 for WC leads, and $600-$800 for PI leads.

Knowing these expectations, keep in mind that it will take a sufficient sample size for these numbers to play out. We recommend accruing a sample of 50-100 leads. If you receive your first 10 leads, it’s possible that all of them will convert, or none of them will convert, but neither number is an accurate representation of the service.

Have a prompt and persistent follow up. Try to call the lead as soon as you receive it. Each firm decides how many outbound attempts are appropriate, but we do have firms that will make up to 15 calls over 3 weeks before giving up on a claimant. Although we provide the leads with your contact information, most of them are not proactive, and will likely not call you first. Your outbound call/email attempts are a huge part of making any lead generation service a success for you.

Soft sell the benefits of third party representation. Especially if you’re an SSD attorney or representative, explain the application process to the claimants, and reiterate that they don’t pay you unless you win the case. Many claimants might not know this or how the application process works, so this might help persuade them to hire you.

Lastly, as we mentioned before, share your results with us!

Know your account manager

We want you to succeed with the service! When you do, it’s beneficial to both parties. You have a dedicated account manager, so feel free to reach out to him/her if you have any questions. We’re happy to update your account, analyze your results, customize eLuminate, and make suggestions to maximize your campaign’s performance.

We look forward to working with you and hope to establish a long-term relationship! Feel free to contact us at 617.800.0089 or

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