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There are so many different legal lead generation services out there that it can be difficult to make an informed decision about which is right for your firm. To help you make the best decision for your firm, we’ve compared eGen to two different lead generation services that also specialize in generating legal leads. We’ll call them Competitor A and Competitor B. Here’s how eGen stands up against these two:

How Leads Are Generated

Competitor A primarily uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email marketing to drive their various lead generation websites, while Competitor B uses a combination of SEO and paid marketing. Once a visitor is on one of their sites, they can complete a webform, becoming a lead. eGen uses a similar approach as Competitor B.

We use a combination of paid search and SEO. The vast majority of our leads are generated through paid search, which typically generates the highest quality leads. We then use SEO to help maintain affordable lead costs for our clients. Using client feedback and their conversion data, we are able to optimize our various lead generation campaigns to maintain quality legal leads.

Exclusive Vs. Shared Leads

Competitor A offers both shared and exclusive leads. If you opt into their shared leads, up to 3 other firms may receive the same leads as you. With their shared leads, 4 firms will be competing for the same lead at the same time. Exclusive leads are available with Competitor A, but they come at an additional cost.

Competitor B only sells exclusive legal leads, just like eGen. This means any lead you receive from eGen will not be sent to another firm. Exclusive leads cut down on the competition, giving your firm a better opportunity to convert a lead to a client.

Customized Lead Packages

Both Competitor A and B allow you to target leads by geographic region. Coverage can vary by state, metro cities or zip codes. At eGen, we also offer screening leads by specific areas, from nationwide leads down to a three-digit zip code prefix. This allows you to get very specific with which exact areas you’d like us to send leads from.

Along with selecting specific geographic regions, eGen also had different screening options for various lead types. These screening options allow you to customize your leads to better fit your firm’s needs. Screenings vary by lead type. For our Social Security disability leads, you can build a screening package based on answers to our qualifying questions that leads fill out while completing a Free Case Evaluation form. These questions include:

  • Is the applicant already receiving disability benefits?
  • Will the applicant be out of work for 12 months?
  • Is the applicant working with an attorney?
  • Is the applicant seeking treatment from a doctor?

Clients can then build screening options into their lead package based on these questions as well as an applicant’s age. Only want lead that said they do not have an attorney and are over age 45? We can do that for you!

Similarly, our personal injury lead packages can be built around screening for specific case types. Don’t want any medical malpractice leads? We can filter those out for you!

Lead Delivery Options

Every firm is different, so you should have different options on how your firm receives leads. Solo practitioners may need leads texted straight to their phone while firms with a robust intake team may prefer direct calls. Competitor A allows you to receive leads via email and will post them into your CRM and onto their online dashboard. Competitor B will email and text leads to you as well as post them into their CRM for you.

eGen does all this and more. We can email and text you your legal leads. We also post them into our in-house case management system, eLuminate (which clients have free access to). Unlike Competitor A and B, we also offer live-transfer leads. When a lead fills out our Free Case Evaluation form, they are presented with the option to immediately call your firm. If they choose to do so, a call will be placed to the phone number your firm provides, instantly connecting a lead to your intake staff. Live-transfer leads have been found to have many benefits, such as increasing both your contact and conversion rates!

Lead Management Options

A case management system is important for any attorney, especially those using a lead generation service. They allow firms to manage their leads and cases as well as determine productivity, lead conversion rates, an overall profitability. Competitor A gives their clients access to their own dashboard, which gives data about your firm is performing within their network. Competitor B has a CRM service clients can use.

eGen gives those receiving our leads access to eLuminate, our in-house lead and case management system. Unlike many of our competitors, eLuminate is completely free for those receiving leads from eGen. In eLuminate you see what leads have been sent to you from eGen while tracking the lifecycle of your leads and clients. We can even have leads from some of your other lead generation sources. Auto-complete forms, customizable fields and views, automatically record emails, electronic signatures and the ability to run different reports can all be found within eLuminate. Plus, it is entirely web-based! No need to install an app.

Final Verdict

So, what makes eGen standout from the rest? Some highlights include detailed screening options for different areas of law, live-transfer leads and eLuminate. We try to cater our services to make your job easier and help your firm grow. Add in the lack of long-term commitments and a dedicated account manager, we’re here to help your firm succeed. For more information about our leads, contact eGen today!

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