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Choosing a legal lead provider can be challenging. But we have 8 reasons why we thinking eGen is the best option for your firm:

Exclusive Leads

If you’re paying for your legal leads, why should you have to compete with other firms for the same lead? With eGen you don’t have to. All our leads are exclusive, so any lead you receive from us will not be sent to another firm. This cuts down the competition and can help your firm succeed with a lead generation service.

Targeted Leads

While we do use a combination of paid search and organic search to generate our leads, the vast majority come from paid search. This allows us to target higher quality cases based on keyword research. We can also tailor the locations we generate legal leads in to match your specific lead package. You will not need to toil away at your own paid search efforts. Instead, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Real-Time leads

Our legal leads are all sent in real time. As soon as a lead completes our Free Case Evaluation form, their contact information and case description is sent straight to your firm. Leads can be delivered by text, email or even through our live-transfer feature. You can select multiple numbers or emails to receive the legal leads. Additionally, leads will be presented with a ‘Thank You’ page after completion of the form. This will notify the lead that it went to your law firm. You can customize the information on this page to include whatever you’d like, such as a phone number for leads to call, an email address, links to your site, photos, etc. All leads are also posted into eLuminate.

eLuminate Access

eLuminate is our in-house lead and case management system. Clients get free, complimentary access to eLuminate. eLuminate is entirely web-based, allowing you or members of your firm to access it anywhere you have internet access. Capabilities include document customization, running reports, sending and recording emails, e-signature feature and much more.

Dedicated Account Manager

While many other legal lead services charge for time spent working with their help teams, each of our clients is assigned an account manager. You’ll never be charged for questions asked or time spent troubleshooting with your firm. Instead, your account manager is there to support you however you may need. They can help with eLuminate, questions about leads, identifying strengths and weaknesses of your lead package, and more. Be sure to check out our Google Reviews and client testimonials where our account managers often receive their own praise.


We utilize client conversion data to help manage and improve lead quality. By providing us with your conversion data (which leads your firm desired, signed, etc.) we can improve our legal lead generation campaigns. Additionally, providing your conversion data can help your account manager find opportunities for growth within your accounts. For example, say you take employment law leads in 3 different states, by providing your conversion data we can help determine which state has the highest desired rate and can adjust your lead packages accordingly.

Custom Lead Packages

We know that one size does not fit all. Instead, we’ll work with your firm to create a legal lead package that will best fit your firm’s needs. For example, our Social Security clients can create a custom lead package based on qualifying questions a lead fills out, age, and/or location. With location screening, you can receive leads in as little as a three-digit zip code or as large as multiple states, even nationwide.

No Long-Term Commitment

While other lead providers may require you to be locked into a long-term contract, we do not. Instead, you can pause your account with just a two-business day notice. In addition, we don’t require any minimums. This makes trying out our legal lead generation service easy (although we do recommend receiving at least 100 leads).

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