If you’re deciding between competing lead providers or working with someone for the first time, you might be wondering how to know if a lead is high qualify. Not all legal leads are created alike, and price certainly isn’t the only factor your firm should keep in mind when evaluating leads. Here are some things to ask a lead provider when choosing a package.

Where Was the Source? / How Was the Lead Generated?

This is arguably the most important component of a lead generation campaign. A lead provider that generates all of its cases through email marketing will almost certainly provide lower-quality cases than one that has paid ads on Google.

The vast majority of our quality legal leads are generated through PPC advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is true for all of our products: Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and employment law leads. To keep our costs low for clients, we do generate some legal leads via search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns as well.

How Recently Was the Lead Generated?

Most quality legal lead providers send a legal lead as soon as it’s generated, and for good reason. If a list of potential legal. leads sits around for two weeks, it’s possible the claimant will no longer be interested in pursuing a case, or has agreed to work with another attorney in his or her area.

eGen’s legal leads are sent to you as soon as someone indicates he or she wants to speak with an attorney. We even have a complimentary live-transfer feature that allows you to connect with quality legal leads over the phone as soon as they submit our Free Evaluation.

Is the Legal Lead Exclusive?

Much like recently generated legal leads, many quality legal lead providers provide exclusive legal leads. Legal leads that aren’t exclusive are usually inexpensive, but it’s a rat race to get to the phone once you receive a legal lead. Multiple competing firms have likely receive the same legal lead, so if you aren’t the first to speak with a claimant, you might lose her to another firm.

All of eGenerationMarketing’s legal leads are exclusive—no exceptions.

How Much Information Do You Receive?

It’s always advisable to call every legal lead as soon as you receive it, but without some basic information on a legal lead’s case it might be had to initially screen the claimant. All of our legal leads include a claimant’s valid contact information, plus a brief description of the case. Social Security disability leads have additional information on whether the legal l lead is seeing a doctor, out of work for 12 months, on Social Security benefits, or working with an attorney. Our personal injury leads indicate what type of claim they have (auto accident, slip and fall, etc.), and our employment law leads indicate what type of employer they work for.

Simply receiving a name and phone number may not be enough, and it might be an indication of a legal lead that didn’t know what he or she was signing up for.

Increasing Your Caseload Today

Keep in mind that at the end of the day you’ll always need to call a legal lead to determine the true quality. Working with a quality lead lead provider can be one of the most inexpensive and quickest ways to increase your caseload and supplement your own in-house marketing efforts.

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