Purchasing legal leads from another company is an easy and cost-effective way to supplement your own current marketing efforts and increase your caseload. If you’re considering switching providers, or working with a legal lead generation company for the first time, here are some key benefits to look for before starting a relationship with a new provider.

Don’t Lock Into a Long-Term Contract

Law firms often have weeks or months that are busier than others. Personal injury firms likely have more auto accident claims during the holiday season while more people are traveling and the roads are poor. Social Security disability applicants rise when the economy is doing poorly. If you lock into a long-term contract with a lead generation company, you won’t have the flexibility to adjust your lead package to reflect your current pending caseload.

Flexibility is very important for a lead provider, and eGeneration has no long-term contracts and no lead minimums. For example, if you have a shortage of SSDI leads from your other marketing channels, you can increase your Social Security disability lead volume from our service to make up the difference. If you’re a solo practitioner and will be on vacation for a couple of weeks, we can also pause your service to resume when you’re back in the office. This allows you to cater the lead generation service to your unique needs.

You Should Receive Exclusive Leads

Some lead providers send a legal lead to multiple law firms. While this keeps the price per lead extremely low, it makes handling your leads somewhat of a “rat race” in the fact that other law firms will be contacting the same potential claimant. If another attorney speaks with your lead first, you may not be able to sign a new client, even if the lead’s case was excellent.

Some of the largest nationwide firms may have enough outreach staff to handle shared leads, but most firms will find the additional cost of exclusive leads to be worthwhile. eGeneration’s leads are always exclusive.

You’ll Need Customer Service

If you have an issue with your leads, or would like to modify your lead package, you’ll need to speak with a Client Services representative. If your lead provider doesn’t have an account manager for your firm, you’ll have nobody to turn to for assistance.

While many lead providers do provide great customer service, it often comes at a high cost. Whether you’re billed per hour of customer services’ time, or billed for some additional paperwork filled out for your leads, a lot of companies bill you in addition to your price per lead. All of our resources and assistance from Client Services is 100% free of charge for your firm, regardless of how much (or how little) help you need.

You Should Know About the Product You’re Purchasing

Social Security disability attorneys will need to know approximately how many leads will be seeing a doctor, and personal injury firms will require a breakdown of what case types they can expect from their PI leads. eGeneration maintains this data and more to allow your firm to make the most informed decision as possible before making a lead purchase.

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