Social Security disability firms large and small can find success with legal lead generation. Whether you’ve just opened your own practice or are one of a dozen attorneys in a nationwide firm, Social Security disability leads are profitable way to increase your firm’s current caseload.

Social Security Disability Leads For the Solo Practitioner

Getting your own Social Security disability firm off the ground is difficult. Not only will you be contacting potential SSD clients and managing all your pending cases alone, but it’s very costly to start any marketing campaigns.

Social Security disability leads are an easy way to start building your case load and avoid the upfront costs of marketing until you’ve signed enough clients to have a steady cash flow. At eGenerationMarketing, our clients can expect an average cost per case of $250-$350. Because the average Social Security attorney fee is just over $3,000, Social Security disability leads can be a highly profitable alternative to investing in your own marketing channels.

Since you’re likely much busier than attorneys at larger firms, we recommend that you screen your Social Security package. At eGenerationMarketing, you can screen the leads you receive by age, whether they’re out for 12 months, or more. While screening will increase the cost of your package, it’s a great option to cut down on time spent contacting leads for solo practitioners.

Social Security Leads For the Mid Sized or National Firm

Social Security disability leads are perfect for mid-sized law firms. Most mid-sized firms have their own marketing campaigns in action, but may not have the ability to target specific geographic regions because the pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are too expensive to run on a large scale.

With our Social Security disability lead campaigns, you can choose to target leads within an entire state, an area code, or a 3-digit zip code prefix. This allows you to take claims in an area as large (or as small) if you’d like. Purchasing Social Security leads is a great way to expand your practice across a state, or into neighboring states near your firm.

If you are an attorney for a nationwide Social Security firm, you know that your firm is always looking for new cases. Purchasing Social Security disability leads can be a quick and easy way to supplement your online marketing efforts, tv ads, billboards, or other forms of legal marketing you are partaking in.

Much like mid-sized firms, national law firms can also greatly benefit from eGenerationMarketing’s wide coverage. If you find that you wish to take more claims in a few states, Social Security leads may be an easy way to “fill in the gaps” in your current client coverage.

We always recommend that mid-sized or national firms use limited screening. While heavy screening is beneficial for solo practitioners who are stretched thin, larger firms will have a dedicated intake staff, paralegal, or secretary who focuses on contacting potential claimants. Because a large firm has the additional resources to contact every Social Security lead received, there’s no reason to pay more for a lead package. Most claimants only spend a couple of minutes on our lead generation pages, so it’s entirely possible that a “bad” lead is in fact pursuable.

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