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A steady flow of clients is often an obstacle for many businesses. Whether you currently own a law firm or are exploring starting a Social Security disability practice, you will need more clients. There are many ways to get more Social Security cases for your firm that will yield varying degrees of profit. To maximize your disability attorney marketing investment, it is critical to track your ROI. Below are three effective ways our clients have reported obtaining more disability cases.


These usually offer the highest ROI for law firms since they are often free. Unfortunately, many attorneys will not share how referrals are generated because a good referral source is extremely valuable.

  • Some successful disability firms receive a large volume of referrals from long-term disability carriers who want their disabled insured to receive Social Security disability benefits in order to lower disability insurance payouts. Insurance carriers usually have strict demands in exchange for referrals, which include real-time data sharing and the assurance that your law firm does not sue insurance companies for any case types.
  • Doctors’ offices can also generate referrals and help your firm get more disability clients. Consider creating an informational brochure about applying for Social Security disability and asking local medical clinics if you can place a stack of brochures in their office.
  • Legal organizations often allow attorneys and advocates to register to receive referrals. These organizations include NOSSCR, NADR and bar associations. Unfortunately, many law firms report limited referrals from the aforementioned associations.

Pay per contact

Second to referrals, pay per contact programs guarantee the contact information of claimants for an agreed upon price. With such programs, you know exactly how much it is going to cost for a potential new Social Security client. Unlike other means of advertising, the only associated cost is the price per contact. Such campaigns are handled by third-party lead generators and require no additional staff.

  • eGenerationMarketing generates exclusive leads for Social Security attorneys. We believe exclusive leads are a low risk, low maintenance way to generate more Social Security clients for law firms. However, to receive the best ROI, the lead follow-up process can be time consuming. With the lack time you have to spend on your actual marketing, though, a lead generation service can be a great alternative for getting more Social Security clients.
  • Multiple attorneys share non-exclusive leads. They are often less expensive than exclusive leads but aren't the best fit for many firms. Non-exclusive leads require immediate follow-up as they are sent to many attorneys. If you are willing to compete with other attorneys and are a great salesperson, non-exclusive leads might be a good fit.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing can be riskier than free referrals and pay per contact marketing. Most traditional marketing makes no guarantees. A law firm could spend $1000 on a campaign without receiving even a single prospective client. Traditional marketing also usually requires the largest set up cost.

  • There’s no arguing that TV and Radio campaigns can be successful; however, it could take substantial investment before seeing any results. Commercials need to be created, ad cost negotiated and effective slots must be uncovered.
  • Internet advertising can be an effective adverting medium but also requires substantial set up. It calls for a website optimized for lead generation and pay per click campaign management.

All of the above marketing methods can aid to start or grow a Social Security law practice. But remember: when testing different avenues for your Social Security law firm it is extremely important to track your return on investment for each method so you can focus your disability attorney marketing budget efficiently.

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