There are many different types of attorney marketing options law firms and advocacy groups can choose to pursue in order to expand their case leads. At eGenerationMarketing, we understand that not all attorneys and advocates are a great fit for every attorney marketing service out there. This is why, we’ve modeled our service in such a way that gives our clients the flexibility needed to guarantee success and a great return-on-investment (ROI).

Exclusive Leads

There are a number of legal lead generation companies that don’t offer exclusive leads to their clients. While this model works for some firms, it may not work for all. Since law firms and advocacy groups that choose to pursue non-exclusive leads must fight with other attorneys and advocates for the same case, they may potentially end up spending more on labor cost and achieve a higher cost-per-case than with exclusive lead.

Regardless of whether or not a lead is exclusive, a prompt and persistent follow up is required with any lead generated online. Therefore, although we can’t stop the claimant from filling out a form on another website, in order to give our clients a high probability of success, our leads are exclusive so they are only sent to one client.

Guaranteed Contact Info

Our web developers have implemented filters to catch out of service phone numbers, duplicate leads, or fraudulent or spam leads. However, sometimes these leads slip through the cracks. Therefore we have a refund policy set in place to ensure lead quality. We ALWAYS offer refunds for out of service phone numbers, duplicate leads sent by us, or any lead that is fraudulent or spam. In other words, we guarantee our clients will receive contact information for leads they have a chance of retaining as a client.

Real-Time Delivery

Our clients receive the leads we generate on our website the moment the web form is completed. As discussed above, all the lead we generate are exclusive. However, that doesn’t stop the claimant from going to a different website and filling out another form. In instances such as this, real-time delivered leads are crucial. As there are no delays, clients are able to maximize follow up with leads and have a higher probability of retaining a particular case.

No Long-Term commitment / Pay-per-Lead Flexibility

Different lead generation companies offer several types of billing options to clients. Some services require clients to pay up front for any leads they will receive, while others lock clients into long-term contracts. We offer our clients several options. Typically, our clients prefer signing up on a pay-per-lead basis. Therefore, they only pay for the amount of leads they receive. Our clients, regardless of payment method they choose, have the flexibility of pausing or cancelling their service at any given moment since we require no long-term commitment.

No Minimum Obligation

There are different types of firms out there. Whether a firm is local, regional, or national, we want our clients to be successful. This is why we offer clients the ability to mold their campaign to what fits best for their firm starting with no minimum obligation. We have clients receiving 10 leads a month and while others receive several hundred leads per day!

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