We understand that for some employment law attorneys, lead generation may be a new lead source while others may have used lead generation in the past. Following some key tips can help make sure you are getting the maximum return on your employment law leads. To make sure you are making the most of our employment and labor law leads try following these tips:

#1 Prompt Follow Up

We send all of our leads in real time. Because of this, any lead you receive is actively seeking help with an employment and labor law claim and has indicated interest in speaking with an attorney. The longer you wait to do your first follow up with a lead, the more likely they are to have found legal assistance elsewhere. Promptly attempting to contact a lead can help increase the chances that a lead will convert to a client.

#2 Continue Your Follow Ups

Once you initially follow up with an employment law lead, you will need to actively continue these follow-ups. Just one or two follow-ups can hurt the chances of converting an employment lead. Instead, we recommend about 10-15 follow-ups per lead before giving up on the lead. If you aren’t having success contacting leads, you may also want to consider different forms of follow ups. If you only email leads, try calling them, or vise versa. Switching up your tactics can help make sure you’ve given a lead a fair chance before giving up.

#3 Track Your Success

The best way to know which of your marketing campaigns yield the most successful cases is to track your leads in an employment law case management software. Our in-house lead and cases management system, eLuminate, allows you to manage your leads and cases. As you receive leads, you can track your “desired” and “signed” cases. With the ability to quickly run reports, you can monitor your leads' success. In addition to tracking your leads, eLuminate helps with the intake process. You can track your follow-ups, send electronic documents, automate emails, get electronic signatures and much more.

#4 Educate Your Leads

Many people trying to file an employment or labor law claim may not understand the claims process. For example, they may be hesitant to file a claim because they do not know the protections that are put in place when filing a claim against an employer. A lead may also not understand how payment works. Some people may have a preconceived notion that employment law attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Be upfront about any costs and how billing works, especially if your firm does not operate on contingency fees. By taking the time to educate a lead right away, you can smooth over the process for both your firm and lead.

One way to help make sure you are successful with employment and labor law leads is to use an employment law case management software. You can track your follow up efforts, take notes of conversations and make notes for future conversations. Our employment law case management software, eLuminate, if free with any purchase of leads.

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