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The secret to any good law firm lies in how you sell your services and experience, regardless of whether you belong to a national or a local firm. Successful marketing for employment law firms can help transform channels such as social media and search engines into a place where law firms can advertise themselves and attract more interest from potential clients.

Here are 3 good marketing concepts and tactics that will give your employment law firm more exposure and quality leads.

Demonstrate Credibility & Authority

Both passive and aggressive marketing practices can be included in a strong employment law firm marketing campaign. The content of your website is a good example of passive marketing that helps create reputation and authority across the brand. Reviews and testimonials from former clients have immediate legitimacy. It is also visually valuable to have awards that your firm has won. If you have a larger law firm showing the number of attorneys at your firm can work to your advantage creating marketing for employment lawyers.

Email Marketing

A smart way to generate fresh and repeat business is email marketing. You could create advertisements, newsletters, updates, and other emails for your (segmented) lists to submit.

You can either draw up a list of your former clients, create new connections or pay for a list of contacts and start sending emails. Creating your own contact list can sound tedious, but it allows you to know your audience, which could increase the conversion rate for your employment law firm.

You have to decide on the role of content to achieve this aim. You can pick trends in the law sector and write related facts and details or post your experience when dealing with complex cases. Email marketing for lawyers needs persistence, and a frequent revision of the approach like any other marketing campaign.

Automated Lead Generation

When it comes to producing more leads, your employment law firm will benefit from the automation of leads. It pays to use automation in your lead generation approach, whether you're a newly opened law firm or extending your legal services to another area. It encompasses a variety of parameters, allowing law firms to properly assess the relevance and merit of each lead to a response.

Bonus tip: It's pretty fair to say that social media is here to stay. Facebook, the social media giant, sees more than 2 billion active users per month! This is a market where you don't want to ignore. Regardless of your target audience, social media is one of the strongest ways for you to reach out to those who need your services.

If you're trying to develop your employment law firm into a more successful and productive company, it’s important that you not only have these marketing ideas in mind, but that your firm actively applies them. Marketing for employment lawyers may seem like a difficult task, but by making a plan and adjusting accordingly, your firm can find successs.

A blend of strong branding, email outreach and lead automation can allow your law firm to stand out from rivals. Using these three marketing tips for employment lawyers not only will you attract more people to the site, but it should also convince clients to work with your firm.

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