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Blogs are an important part of marketing for employment law lawyers. They can attract potential claimants to your site and then help persuade the claimant to work with your firm. As an employment law lawyer, blogs should be part of your online marketing plan.

Once a blog is started, you’ll need to keep it up to maintain it’s impact on your firm’s marketing. But coming up with ideas for your firm’s blog can be a tedious task. Though many often use their blogs as a way to keep their site updated and to always have new content posted, frequently finding new topics to write about can take a blog from fun to a chore. It can make difficult for employment law attorneys to constantly come up with new blog ideas that will double as marketing.

Next time you’re out of ideas for your employment law firm, check out the list below:

1. How To

Create different “How To” guides. These can range from “How To File a Claim For Wage Theft” to “How To Prove Age Discrimination”. You can be as vague or specific with your “How To” content as you’d like. These guides will not only help with your search engine optimization (SEO), but can help show potential claimants that your firm is knowledgeable and knows how to properly file a claim and see it through.

2. Keywords

Keywords are in important part of any law firm’s marketing. Do some research on keywords you currently rank for and/or keywords you’d like your firm to rank for. Then, you can create content centered on these topics. Does your firm have a specific type of employment law case they’d like to receive more of? Try doing some keyword research on a specific case type. You may find topics that your firm’s site doesn’t cover. Not only will this increase desirable leads, but it can help your firm’s overall SEO. You can even take these keywords and apply them to different areas of your employment law firm’s marketing.

3. Past Cases

Though you may not want to go into details of your past cases, highlighting some successes can be an easy blog post to write while also showing potential claimants that your firm can win cases. If your firm just helped someone win a large settlement in an ADA discrimination claim, post a blog about it! Showing that your firm can help potential claimants win their cases or receive a settlement can help influence someone’s decision to work with you.

4. FAQs

Think about the different questions your firm is frequently asked by clients. Are any asked more than others? Write a blog based on these questions! Not only will you have a new, relevant topic, but you may cut down on the number of people asking the same questions.

5. State Laws

Posting different content about state specific laws is a fast and easy content idea. Adding content about laws that are relevant in specific states (like minimum wage, new laws in your state, or how long you have to receive your last paycheck, etc.) can also help boost your local SEO. You’ll be creating location-specific content that can help search engines understand where your firm is located so that you appear in relevant search queries.

6. Evidence

Different types of cases require different evidence. What you may need as evidence in a sexual harassment case is different than a case for someone who has not been paid for overtime work. Create blogs about the different supporting evidence. Again, not only will you show that you are an expert in your area of law, but you’ll be increasing SEO efforts.

7. Current Events

Though you should stay away from politics, write blogs about any law changes that can impact someone’s employment law case or future cases. You can discuss the new law or regulations and how they can affect a case.

Keep your eyes out for any new blog ideas that may cross your path, whether it’s while working with a client or working on your firm’s marketing. Marketing may not be an employment law attorney’s favorite activity, but with these content ideas, it can be much easier. Create a running list of potential ideas so you aren’t stuck trying to come up with an idea on a time crunch. While you write your new blogs, don’t be afraid to review older ones and make updates as needed. The more accurate and relevant your firm’s content is, the more likely it is to be successful!

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