From keeping track of statutes of limitations to collecting medical bills, personal injury law firms deal with a wealth of paperwork. If your firm is struggling to keep up with filing duties, personal injury case and lead management may be an effective and inexpensive way for your firm to boost efficiency and profitability.

Personal injury client management software can allow you to get documents sent and signed with ease.

Unlike many documents accepted by the government organizations like the SSA, personal injury attorneys typically do not need a wet signature to send retainer packages or other documents to claimants. With a lead and case management software, you can email your clients any standardized forms that your firm uses often.

EchoSign by Adobe is used within eLuminate to reduce the time attorneys spend waiting for documents to be signed and returned. Within eLuminate, you can send standard and custom documents to be electronically signed and returned via email. If you have a document that you need to be signed in multiple places, you can send the document to us and Client Services would be happy to customize it to best suit your needs.

PI case management software allows you to store all documents in one convenient location.

Personal injury attorneys need to gather a wealth of evidence to prove their clients are entitled to a settlement. Some examples of documents important to winning any PI case include:

  • Medical records and bills
  • Pay stubs to prove lost wages
  • Therapists’ notes
  • Witness statements
  • Mechanic or other damaged property bills
  • Police reports

Medical records and police reports in particular can be very long depending on your claimant’s injuries and what happened at the scene. With a personal injury case and lead management software, you will be able to upload scanned PDFs of all your claimant’s documents and keep them in one location.

eLuminate saves all of your uploaded and generated documents within your case file. You can then download these to print at a later time, or you can view them while traveling or out of the office for a hearing. Because eLuminate is web based, you will be able to access your case information and documents anywhere you have an Internet connection. Best of all, there are no limits to how many files you want to store on the software.

Personal injury case management software allows you to keep track of obscure data related to your cases.

Personal injury attorneys need to keep track of a number of miscellaneous data when filing a claim on behalf of their client. An example of data most PI attorneys need to know is the insurance claim number associated with a case. Personal injury case and lead management software can easily be modified to record whatever it is your firm needs to win cases. Some of the fields eLuminate has available for personal injury attorneys include:

  • Incident Date
  • Type of Injury
  • Amount of Medical Bills
  • Insurance Claim #

If your firm likes to record the date at which the case will hit your state’s statute of limitations, you can customize eLuminate to have a field for that. With personal injury case and lead management software, the possibilities are endless.

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