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Whether you are just beginning to look for your first legal lead provider or you’ve used lead generation in the past, it’s important to have a list of what you want your lead provider to do. It’s likely that you have a list or an idea of what you expect from a lead provider and are evaluating lead generation services based on this list. But often overlooked or forgotten is what you don’t want from a lead provider. Overlooking these red flags may result in working with a lead provider that ends up not actually meeting your firm’s needs.

Red Flag #1: Leads are recycled or reused.

If your firm is working with a lead provider that sells old leads or sells the same lead to multiple firms, you may find that your conversion rate is not as high as you’d like since there is more competition for the same lead. Working with a lead generation service is supposed to make increasing your caseload easier, but if multiple firms in your area are receiving the same lead then you may find your firm has to compete twice as hard for a lead. At eGen, all our leads are exclusive, meaning that if your firm receives a lead from us, it won’t be sent to any other firm.

Red Flag #2: Leads are old.

Old leads may no longer need legal assistance, whether it’s because they have already started working with a different firm or they no longer have a case. If a lead provider sells you old leads, then it’s likely that your return on investment for their lead generation services will be low. Instead, make sure your lead provider only sends leads that are generated in real time, just as eGen does. As soon as a claimant fills out a form, the lead is sent straight to your firm.

Red Flag #3: Lead packages aren’t customizable.

Lead generation services for law firms aren't one size fits all. Different firms and practices have different needs. Your lead provider should be able to work with your firm, customizing how many leads you receive and in which locations. If your firm is looking to only take leads in one city versus a whole state, your lead provider should accommodate this. Then, as your firm grows, your lead provider can grow with you, expanding the areas you receive leads from. eGen wants your firm to succeed. We’ll work with you and find the best possible package within your budget while working to meet your firm’s needs.

Red Flag #4: They aren’t flexible.

Life happens. There may be a time when your firm is unable to take leads. Your lead provider should be able to work with you. eGen allows you to pause your account with just a two business-day notice. Then when you are ready to begin receiving leads again, we’ll resume your account. In addition, we don’t require any long-term contracts. You won’t be locked into a contract that is impossible to get out of or have to pay hidden fees if you pause your account.

If you’re still looking for a legal lead provider that isn’t covered in red flags, then it’s time to give eGen a try. We currently generate employment law, Social Security disability, personal injury and workers’ compensation leads. For more information about our leads, pricing and availability, give us a call at 617.800.0089 or contact us today!

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