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When used effectively, Internet legal case leads can result in tremendous growth for law firms. Many of the largest, most successful firms in the country rely on legal case lead generation to grow their client base. While there is the potential for great success, there are many potential areas for failure. Before purchasing legal case leads, it is important to evaluate whether your firm is set up to handle online case leads. Once deciding to purchase leads, it is critical to understand the keys to success.

Before deciding to purchase leads, ask the following questions:

  • Are you trying to expand your client base? – This may seem obvious but can be overlooked by some. Remember that legal case lead generation success often yields larger overhead costs as offices expand to handle the influx of new clients.
  • Are you prepared financially? – Legal case lead generation is an investment and, like many investments, gains are not immediate. Most firms invest $20,000+ the first year with very little return, as legal cases often take over two years to settle. With time, lead generation should offer at least a 3X return.
  • Are you willing to invest time in legal case lead generation? – Internet leads often convert into legal cases at a rate of 5% to 20%. That means 5 to 20 conversations before finding a new client. Additionally, many individuals do not answer on the first call and, therefore, consistent follow up is crucial. If all claimants answered on the third call, it would take 15 to 60 phone calls to find that new client.

If you are trying to expand your law firm, have extra capital, and are willing to invest some time, lead generation is a great means of legal marketing for rapid growth with very healthly profits.

For those ready to take the leap, there is more. It is pivotal to choose a

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