Personal injury leads are a common way for law firms across the country to increase their caseloads and supplement their current marketing efforts. Like any marketing channel, it’s important to track your success with personal injury leads. Without data reflecting how profitable your PI lead campaign is, you may not know when it’s time to increase your volume, or modify how you handle your leads. Here are some ways you can track your profitability with personal injury leads:

Be Sure to Call Every Lead

It’s true that the most desirable cases are usually auto accident, and auto leads are the most commonly generated case type at eGen. But if you don’t call every lead you’ve received regardless of case description, you could be letting perfectly profitable cases slip through the cracks. The biggest personal injury claim settlement of all time was a general liability case!

Update Everything

Keeping your leads up to date regarding whether the case is desirable, signed, or unsuitable for your firm is vital for any lead campaign. How else will you know what percentage of leads you’re signing as clients, or how much you’re spending for one new personal injury client through lead generation?

Any eGen client has access to eLuminate, our complimentary lead and case management software. eLuminate has dozens of standard documents for your firm already available, such as a request to release medical documents and a customizable retainer package.

Monitor Differences in Costs

There are a few dollar values you’ll need to pay attention to when purchasing personal injury leads. Two of the most important costs include:

  • Cost per desired case (how much you spent for a client you wish to sign)
  • Cost per signed case (how much you spent for a client who returned your retainer)

Cost per desired case and cost per signed case are usually slightly different values. Your cost per desired case is often higher because not every claimant who has a pursuable case will end up working as a client. Maybe he or she decided not to pursue the case further, or simply never returned your paperwork. By calculating both values you’ll know where your firm can improve internally. For example, if there is a large discrepancy between the amount of cases you want and the ones that end up becoming clients, you may want to improve your workflow between sending and receiving paperwork. eLuminate allows you to send documents for electronic signature, and we also offer a complimentary Live Transfer feature that connects claimants with your office immediately over the phone.

Speak With Client Services

If you’re not sure how profitable personal injury leads are, or if you have questions on how you could spend your marketing budget wisely, speak with your lead provider’s customer service department! Some companies charge you for additional assistance, but others have help available for free.

Help from Client Services is always free at eGen. By keeping your PI lead success up to date in eLuminate, our Client Services team can determine where you’re receiving your highest-quality leads and make campaign recommendations to improve your success with the product.

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