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Personal injury is one of the most competitive areas of law, so it’s understanding that starting a digital marketing campaign for your personal injury firm feels daunting. There are a lot of options, but with so much competition how will you be able to actually find personal injury new clients? Here are a few tips that you could use to help claimants find your PI firm online today.

Focus on Local Search

Local search is the way to go for personal injury firms that only practice in one state. Google specifically helps consumers find resources in their area by XYZ. You’ve surely seen a local search result on Google before—a business will have a large image on the right-hand side of the page, and the office’s hours and address will be clearly listed.

So how do you optimize for local search? Your first step will be to claim all of your business listings online on directories like Yelp, White Pages, Avvo, and more. You should also update your title and meta descriptions so search engines know where your firm is located.

Choose Your Keywords Carefully

Keywords are the words or phrases a claimant enters into Google to find results related to personal injury claims. You’ll want to base every page of content around a few personal injury keywords related to cases you’d like to take, such as auto accidents or class-action defective drug claims.

If you’re not sure which keywords to focus on, make a few searches on Google and see what types of results pop up! If the term “car crash injury attorney” is pulling up a bunch of irrelevant results, you may not want to use that phrase or related keywords on a series of blog posts.

Consider What Case Types You’d Like

This goes hand in hand with choosing your keywords carefully: have a game plan before you come up with a monthly digital content list. Without first evaluating the ideal claimant who you’d like to see visiting your website, you won’t know what types of content to create to draw in potential clients.

For example, a personal injury attorney in North Carolina will likely not want to add much content about slip-and-fall cases, as North Carolina has some of the toughest comparative negligence laws in the country and nobody can file a PI claim if they’re even 1% at fault for an accident. Louisiana personal attorneys need to emphasize the importance of a case’s statute of limitations, as any claimant in Louisiana has just a year to file a claim.

Work With a Lead Generation Company

A popular option for thousands of personal injury firms is to simply work with a lead generation company like eGen. When you work with a lead provider, you pay for contact information from claimants seeking legal help instead of paying for traffic to your own website or a TV commercial on a local spot or toiling over your own personal injury marketing campaigns.

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