Thousands of firms across the country have turned to legal leads to increase caseloads and ease the burden of finding new clients. If your firm has never worked with a third-party lead generation company before, you may want to consider expanding your marketing channels and purchasing leads for numerous reasons.

Reason #1: Buying leads guarantees you contacts

Unlike other forms of marketing, you can guarantee exactly how many contacts you’ll receive when you are purchasing third-party legal leads.

For example, when your legal firm starts its own marketing campaign, you’ll have no idea how many people will actually reach out to your firm. You may develop a great TV commercial and air it on all your local news stations, but there is no telling how many potential clients will call your firm after seeing your commercial. The same can be said with a billboard, paid online advertisements, or search engine optimization efforts.

Third-party legal leads allow you to know exactly how many contacts you’ll need to make each day. Most lead generation companies allow you to set daily, weekly, and monthly maximums to how many leads your firm receives. This way you can keep your cash flow steady and consistently sign clients throughout the year.

Reason #2: Case leads can save your firm time

One of the biggest hurdles for firms to overcome when signing clients is determining whether or not a case is pursuable. When your firm purchases case leads, you can save yourself and your staff members’ time by screening your leads.

Not every case is desirable, and when you receive a lead from other forms of marketing (such as callers from a TV ad), your intake staff needs to take the time to speak with everyone to determine whether or not you will be able to take the case.

While you should still call any purchased lead as well, you can eliminate some immediately undesirable cases in your lead package and save yourself some time. For example, eGeneration’s Social Security disability leads can be screened by age, whether or not they’re seeing a doctor, and more. Personal injury leads can also be screened by case type.

Screening leads is not always a great idea for firms that have a large intake staff because you’re essentially paying a lead generation company to filter leads for you. But for small firms or solo practitioners, screened leads can make a big difference.

Reason #3: Case leads can be a more affordable form of marketing than other sources

The best way to evaluate your firm’s marketing sources is by using the cost-per-case metric. Cost-per-case is how much you are spending on a marketing effort to sign a new client. To calculate your cost-per-case, you simply need to divide the amount of money you spend on one campaign by the number of clients you sign.

Some attorney marketing options, such as TV or billboard ads, can be wildly expensive. Many law firms think these are great methods of advertisements because they get many calls from TV or billboard ads, but that does not necessarily mean they’re profitable. If your firm spends $250,000 on TV and billboard ads every year and signs one new client per day, you’ve still spent $684.93 to sign each new client.

Receiving legal case leads can yield competitive cost-per-cases. Our Social Security disability lead clients tend to see a cost per case of around $300, while personal injury attorneys can expect their cost per signed case to be $500-$600.

Reason #4: eGeneration’s leads come with case management software

Our goal is to help attorneys boost profitability. One of the best ways to do this is by giving attorneys an easy to manage their ongoing cases. Lead and case management software is used by thousands of firms across the country to ease the process of signing and winning claims.

With eLuminate, eGeneration’s case and lead management software, you can review and work on any of your pending cases from anywhere with an Internet connection. eLuminate allows you to generate documents, create tasks for employees, and send mass emails to all your contacts at once. eLuminate is free for up to five users if you purchase leads through eGeneration.

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