If your firm handles workers’ compensation cases, you know the value of saving time. Workers’ compensation claims often have a year or less before the statute of limitations for filing a claim expires. If your firm is looking to boost its profitability, consider using a workers’ compensation lead and case management software to assist you manage incoming leads and win claims.

Legal lead management software helps you vet your workers’ comp leads.

You can easily streamline your intake process by using legal lead management software. With lead management software, you can organize your workers’ compensation leads by what your firm finds most telling of a successful case: type of accident, injuries sustained, date of incident, or more.

For example, you may find that soft-tissue claims like slip and fall accidents are not worth your firm’s time and effort. With workers’ compensation lead management software, you can set up custom fields to allow you to track what type of injuries your claimant has received and whether or not the injury was severe enough to warrant a claim.

In eLuminate, eGenerationMarketing’s case and lead management software, we have an existing field where you can enter a description of a lead’s claim. If you want to record more however, such as whether or not your claimant broke a bone, required an ambulance, etc., you can set up custom fields in the software. eLuminate allows you to record every detail your firm needs to convert a workers’ comp lead to a case.

Legal case management software helps you send documentation quickly.

A critical component of any workers’ compensation claim is proving that your client has been injured and returning paperwork before a state’s statute of limitations expires. With case management software, you will be able to send numerous documents, including:

  • A retainer package
  • Requests for medical documentation
  • Witness statements
  • Insurance claims

eLuminate has a powerful document generator that allows you to send signable PDFs to any contact in the software. Fields such as your firm’s address and phone number, the claimant’s contact information, and more are automatically populated when you generate a document in eLuminate. With Adobe Echosign, you can have custom or standard documents signed electronically and returned to your firm via email. Documents are even saved within eLumimate, so you can access any component of your client’s workers’ comp claim online when you need it.

Workers’ comp case management software keeps any contacts associated with a claim together.

Lead and case management software allows you to keep all parties associated with one of your cases together in one place, making it easy to reach any contacts when you need to. Instead of rummaging through a file cabinet to find contact information, you can easily search a legal case management software to view information on your worker’s compensation claimant, his or her employers, and any witnesses or doctors involved. This is especially beneficial if you have workers’ comp claimants who use the same medical providers or who work for the same company.

Additionally, you can directly email anyone associated with your open case through the software with ease. If you need your client to confirm the exact location of the incident or ask an employer about company property boundaries, you can do this with case management software. eLuminate is entirely web based, so as long as you have internet access, you can quickly search for and email someone associated with your workers’ compensation claim.

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