To best utilize eLuminate, eGeneration’s lead and case management software, it is vital to understand eLuminate’s terminology and how each component of the software can help your firm. eLuminate’s data is categorized into three sections: Leads, Contacts, and Matters. “Leads” are your potential clients. A lead is a potential client that you have not yet decided to represent or who has not yet signed a retainer agreement

Where leads come from:

There are various ways to add leads in eLuminate. You can add them yourself. This is great if you have claimants stop by your office or call your firm over the phone. By using eLuminate as your general intake form, you can quickly screen your leads to determine whether or not you want to sign the client and pursue the case.

You can also import leads from another lead generation company. eLuminate is compatible with dozens of third-party lead generation services. If you’d like leads from other companies imported into eLuminate, just let our Client Services team know and they can determine whether or not your third-party service is compatible with eLuminate.

Finally, any legal leads that you receive from eGeneration are automatically imported into eLuminate. This allows you to easily keep track of every lead you’ve received from the service and measure your contact and signed rate with the leads to help us create the most successful lead campaign for you. eGeneration currently offers high-quality Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and employment law leads.

How attorneys utilize leads in eLuminate:

The Leads view is great for any firm, regardless of whether you’re using eLuminate as case management software, or solely as lead management software.

The Leads view is best used to determine whether or not a case is viable. You can create as many custom views or custom fields as you want within eLuminate’s. For example, you can create a view that displays every lead that’s over age 30. This allows your firm to track whatever you want: from date at which a Social Security disability claimant became disabled, to the time at which a personal injury lead’s statute of limitation expires.

Additionally, by creating and updating leads in eLuminate, you can evaluate clients you have from different marketing channels. When you keep your leads up-to-date, you can pinpoint inefficiencies within your firm. For example, if you find that none of your callers from radio ads are converting to clients, you can eliminate that marketing channel and save money.

What to do when a lead is signed as a client:

If you choose to sign a lead, you can simply generate a retainer package within eLuminate and send it along to your client for electronic signature. As soon as a lead is signed and becomes a client, you should convert your lead into a matter. A matter is a pending case, not simply one claimant. You can associate contacts such as doctors, relatives, police officers, and ODAR officials with one matter.

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