Business today is moving farther away from pen and paper and deeper into the digital landscape. Attorneys can sign clients electronically, contact hundreds of clients at once through email, and keep all case materials online for instant access anywhere with an Internet connection. If your firm is interested in migrating all of your file cabinets onto case management software, it may not be as challenging or daunting as you believe.

You can upload all of your documents onto case management software

Saving important documents is critical to any firm’s success, so you may be wary of switching to case management software for fear of losing all of your old records. Fortunately, case management software allows you to upload any documents you have on hand.

eLuminate, eGeneration’s case management software, allows you to upload documents up to 5MB in size. This means that you can easily scan all of your signed documents, witness statements, or any papers associated with your case. These uploaded documents will be listed within your case in the order in which you uploaded the file. Additionally, you can make comments when you upload a file. This allows you to make note of files you need to resend, edit, shred, and more.

You can import all of your old contacts into case management software

One of the biggest hassles of migrating to case management software is the daunting prospect of manually adding all of your leads, clients, cases, and contacts to a case management software. This could take days, depending on the size of your firm.

Fortunately, eLuminate allows you to import all of your leads, clients, cases, and contacts into the software. You can do this by downloading all of your current contacts’ information into an excel sheet. Once the information you want to import is contained on one excel sheet, we can import the data for you. We have imported data from thousands of cases at once, so regardless of how much you need to convert, eGeneration is likely able to do it for you.

You can convert all of your paper contracts into electronic documents ready for eSignature

Every firm deals with slow contract turnarounds. Unless every client you sign comes into your office, you typically need to wait for your potential clients to receive paperwork via snail mail, sign your paperwork, and send it back to your firm. It can take weeks or more to sign a new client located just a few miles away.

Converting documents into customizable emails is easy with case management software. This streamlines your correspondence with your clients and contacts. Our Client Services team is also able to take any of your custom documents and create PDFs that can be signed electronically through AdobeSign. This means that you can send a retainer package and receive the signed paperwork from your client in a matter of minutes.

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