There are endless ways your firm can increase its efficiency when using case management software: You can cut down on time generating documents, eliminate the need for digging through file cabinets to find contact information, and you can access your cases from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Sometimes, it’s not practical to always be logging onto the web to access data about your pending cases. With eLuminate, eGeneraration’s case and lead management software, you can also quickly export data to review at a later time. You can choose to export any data within a custom view, lead, or matter into a CSV, and Excel File, or a PDF. Here are just of handful of ways eLuminate’s data export can bring utility to your firm:

1. You can quickly bring notes to hearings.

eLuminate will automatically generate time-stamped notes within a lead or a matter (your pending case) whenever you email a claimant or a contact. This searchable list of past email records is a great way to keep track of all communication between the moving parts of your claim.

In a hearing, it’s not easy for personal injury attorneys to pull out their phones and search for correspondence between police officers regarding an auto accident (although eLuminate is completely accessible via a mobile device, so it’s possible!). Instead, you can export and print all of the notes you need to help prepare for your claim.

2. You can prepare for hearings away from the office.

Court is not the only place where you may not be able to access your files online. If you’re traveling for a hearing via plane, you will likely also not be able to use your laptop or phone to access your cases. When you export your data from eLumimate, you make your office completely mobile: Whether you have a WiFi connection and are working on your cases via your computer, or if you’ve exported your data for on-the-go review, you can work from anywhere, anytime.

3. You can bring data and records to meetings for colleagues.

If most of your intake and document generation is handled by your intake staff and paralegals, your attorneys may not be “in the loop” when it comes to representing claimants. Fortunately, with one click of a button, you can gather and export all of the information on a client for your attorneys. This dramatically improves the efficiency of your firm by cutting down on the process of relaying information to different members of your firm.

4. You can export lists of your current clients.

Our #1 asked question is “Can I get a list of my clients?” With eLuminate’s export feature, you can see a list of not only your signed clients, but you can group your clients by using custom views. You could choose to export only a list of clients that have a hearing scheduled within the next three months, or if you’re a Social Security attorney, you could export a list of clients that have already been denied at the initial stage of the application process. Exporting client lists is a quick and efficient way to review your current cases and prepare accordingly.

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